Hello, everybody! There is a rare dragon dress in Archive.
It's actually pretty ugly, but hey, it's rare, so... What do you think? Are you going to buy? Comment.
Oh, and one more thing, before i go,
Oversized Grandpa Sweater. Oversized Grandpa Sweater. Lol XD
Mimosmeep :3
Hello! Normally you hear these new floor posts from ChocoChocoYum, but i decided to do it today! :{D! (Mustache.)
Alright, so. Before i show my picks and don't-buys, i just want to point out the problemo with Archive-i just bought that inspired blue dress on the first floor for 2 sd from the starbazaar like two days before the store opened. Ha ha!
My picks! The dog print tunic-shirt is loud and awesome. Totally stylish and would look great with some skinny jeans and sandals. The inspired dress next to it looks so awesome and chic but casual. The carnival shoes are colorful and playful, and the scale babydoll shirt (dress?) is funky but still awesome.
Alright, so...the sweater. There are creepy eyes staring at everyone through the stripes. NO thanks. The red with the zebra on the dress is tacky, and the dress needs to be cut shorter. Then there's the acne inspired leggings. Acne inspired leggings. Finally, that Rio purse can be found in the starbazaar for two stardollars from just about any seller. Okay, so, what do you think? Are you going to buy anything? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Hola peoples! Here is the hot buy:
So this is the suitcase from Rio for sixteen stardollars. Um... what is it for, exactly? I mean, what the heck would you need a suitcase for? Plus, the pattern is a little weird, and the colors are okay. But really, I just can't get past the fact that it's kind of pointless. What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar! ChocoChocoYum
Stylist Studio.
I DON'T GET THIS. I mean, i'm not a stylist, and so why don't i try to use MY OWN BRAIN to use my own STYLE AND CREATIVITY in the starplaza, instead of paying some random stranger who doesn't know anything about me create an outfit that is WAY too expensive? And why don't stylists just make a bunch of non-ss accounts, design outfits for them, make a profit, destroy those accounts, and change the sc into sd? I don't get this. And it's awkward when people ask to style me cus i know when i see the outfit i won't buy it...And what's the point of stardoll if you're just sitting in your suite, wearing the same outfit that you've worn for the past few days, designed by some random person? Aren't you supposed to express YOUR style? Isn't that what this game is all about? Can't you do everything a stylist can do? There's no discount or anything! Isn't this outrageous? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Decades got a new floor! WAUEH! (I think that's a really fun word to say- tee hee)
I think stardoll did AWESOME on this. I liked the staircase, and the clothes look great too! My favorite picks are:
So let's start with the purple off-shoulder shirt on the left. I thought this was SO cute! I love the ruffles, and the big buttons look so nice with the tight black belt. The golden birds dress is nice because it's just so... pretty? I can't really think of the right verb.. um... adjective to describe it, but I really liked it. The scale skirt is okay, but I can totally see it looking super hot with just the right outfit. The bag is kinda like the skirt, it realy depends on what you wear it with, but I still kinda liked it. Okay! Now for my worst picks:
So starting on the top left. The jacket just looks too classic, and has no real shape. The skirt looks like someone glued a glob of purple jello onto it, and i didn't really see how it looked like a "gift" skirt. The purply thing is a... I DON'T EVEN KNOW! it's so random, and weird. The trousers, I am not even going there.
 Decades isn't my favorite store, but I liked what they did here! What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar! ChocoChocoYum
It's a five day weekend! YEAH! And today's hot buy IS:
This is the leapard cape from Evil Panda for 18 stardollars. Okay, so the first thing is that (this is kinda random) isn't it weird that there's this ghost hand thingy on the cape where your Medoll's hands are supposed to go? I dunno,, it kinda creeps me out.. Anyway, is anybody else out there getting a Tarzan vibe from this cape? I think it's weird and I really am clueless about how to make this work... but if you can, great! I have to say not my favorite...  What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar! ChocoChocoYum 
Hey guys!! ArabianCrazy88 is here! I just got on the blog (its Elsie, btw) so you can friend me on star doll if you want...
HAH! Basically, my friend told me that Tingeling got new floors, right? And I was all like "Firstly, the boards aren't that pretty, and secondly, why do you want me to post on the flooring of a store?" Yeah.. I felt pretty stupid. Anywho, Tingeling got new floors!
I really liked the fresh and colorful look they did here. Setting the mood for SPRING! And the boards (tee hee) SO remind of the beach! CUTE!
So My favorite items were:
Let's start with the blue fringe dress. I loved this because it looks so light, and I LUV the color. The purple halter dress is just so young! And the lavendar shade is georgeous! The tangarine belt is cute because it's just so.. stylish. Perfect to wear at a sunset party. I really like the shoes because their a mix of just the right colors, and their not too overdone. Now, for my worst picks:
Okay so first, the fuschia thingy. Kinda reminds me of like uh, i don't know, ANCIENT ROMAN CLOTHES! And for the purple wading halter dress, I just think it's too uptight for this collection. Plus, I just don't like those type of dresses. And lastly, The lime green carnival skirt. Okay, so its a really weird shade of green, and I really don't think it could work with anything else other than the outfit on the mannequin. MEH. Good job stardoll! I think this is a nice look for tingeling. What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar! ChocoChocoYum

There's a 3 for 2 sale at Fudge.
Fudge is a coolio store, so i'm going to get some stuff. What about you? Will you buy anything? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
I don't know what this is, but it looks special, so...
It looks pretty good! If no one told me it was superbowl, that would not be my first guess. Or even my, like, 60th guess if i were still trying at that point. WOW, that was off topic!!! Anywho, i'm gonna buy something. What about you? Do you like the items? Comment.

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