Wow. This is SO annoying. Oh, and BTDubs, OMG SPRING BREEEAAAKK! Anywho,
Okay, this sounds like a good idea, but the execution was so POOR. I can't look at ANYTHING without a stupid price tag getting in the way. MOST ANNOYINGEST EVUAR. So what do you think? Totally sucks, right? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
I am not as random as you think I salad.
Epiphany was taken over by the Easter Bunny! Check out these cool new egg displays:
These are so cool! OMG!
The first egg is so sweet! I loved the smoke! The lightbulb egg was just so cute and ironic (for anyone who knows me). The snowfall egg is pretty and crystal. The egg next to it has A FREEKING TEDDY BEAR INSIDE! EPIC! The pink egg is so SPRING! The rabbit tiger one has a super cute design, plus a rabbit inside. And I picked the purple one cuz it's... purple. VERY cute! Now for my dislikes:
The ice thing doesn't really look like an egg.. it just looks like a demented ghost. The egg next to it is really random. The purple egg is oozing stuff! GROSS!! The white egg is too simple, and the brown one looks messed up. So, u gonna get one?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
Hey guys! Guess what?! ITS SPRING BREAK!! OMG YAY! So, to celebrate, I made a SUPERAWESOMEPOST!
Miss Sixty got new floors! So here are my likes:
The dress is wild and colorful, the other dress is short, flowy, and cute, plus a GORGEOUS shade of blue. The heels are hot and shiny, but a little simple. Still, they could look great. And the bow-tank is just so sweet, with the right touch of sass. Now my dislikes:
The orange thingy is too bulgy near the waistline, and the neckline doesn't work for me. The blue thingy looks really old fashioned, too blue, and too billowy. The green thing is strange colored. The jacket is too simple, and it looks like it needs to be ironed a little more. The white dress is ok, but it's just too simple. And the shorts are.. well.... MESH SHORTS!
What do you think? Do you like the changed they made?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
There are two new floors in Doree.
Here are my likes:
The first two reds are cute and aren't too crazy because they're based off of a natural look. The sandy color looks natural and good, and the blue is the brighttest, most electric blue i've ever seen. Same with the pink!

Now for the dislikes: This part was written by ChocoChocoYum
The green is weird colored, same withe the orange. It just doesn't look... natural. The blond is the strangest color of yellow, and it kind of annoys me. So, what do you think? Did you like what they did here?
Mimosmeep :3
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
Hey! It's Wednesday, so I can procrastinate on my homework! YAY!
So Stardoll wants us all to participate in Earth hour, which if you don't know, or you decided to space out when ur teacher explained it, is when everyone around the world turns out all the lights to show how a little action can make a big difference. I bet you I am gonna forget, but what the heck? They give u a free give up if you agree! So, u  gonna do it?
Gimme a candy bar! ChocoChocoYum
Has anyone else noticed that a lot of the hot buys have something to do with skulls?
This necklace is 10 stardollars from Glam R Us. Does it deserve to be this expensive? Well, um, not really. I just don't like the color, and what the heck do you wear it with?! Also, the skulls LOOK really heavy and kinda scary if you ask me. Plus, not a fan of the chain either. So, no. Too pricey, and NOT cute enough. What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum

NO!! I love Sunny Bunny!! D; Anywho...sniff...It's a 25% off sale. For a closing sale, that really sucks!!!! It should be 50%, am i right? And i hope Sunny Bunny Kloz will be replaced with a store just like it by a different name, just like the whole starplaza is undergoing right now, like what happened to Stardoll girls and Fudge, Fallen Angel, Rio, and Stardoll Boys...
I love Sunny Bunny! So i will buy a bazillion things...:( i loved the totally kawaii, triple layered look. So, what about you? Will you buy anything? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
There is a new way to remove makeup in your beauty parlor.
This is great! I can't tell you how many times i've tried to get a make-up tutorial JUST perfect, but then i have to go and remove everything. It's a good improvement, not think stardoll would've come out with this earlier. So, what do you think? Do you like this change? Comment.
Mimiosmeep :3
There is a new spring collection in Dot.
It's the standard Dot format for themed makeup, 9 pastel colors, in the form of eyeshadow, volumizing mascara, liquid eyeliner, lengthening mascara, eyebrow comb, eyeliner pencil, eyeshadow stick, lipstick, lip stain, and blush. Some things do not come in all colors. (Who wants yellow blush?) Usual semi-cheap prices. I think this is nice. I like the colors. What do you think? Are you going to buy anything? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Sorry this is kinda late... I have had SO much homework lately! Any who, here is the latest hot buy!
eh. meh. SHMEH. I don't really love it. I don't like how it's clear, and the random floral design on the side is weird. Like I said before, I don't really like the clothes from these generic stores. But don't get me wrong, I know there is SOMETHING out there that could make this work.
What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar! ChocoChocoYum

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