There's some new floors in Dot, and the theme is "Nature."
Meh. Dot keeps coming out with floors and more floors and more floors of the exact same thing in nine different colors every time. Anywho, i don't really like this, although i do like the mocha eye stuff and the peachy lipstick. Some of the items are glitchy and when you go to use them they look like the original dot items. (Try it with the lipsticks.) Also, i just need to point out-there is a teal blush. A teal blush. We're not aleins, are we? Anyway, what do you think? Will you buy anything? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
There are [reasonably] new floors in PPQ!
Meh. I'm not a big fan of PPQ, what with thier *cough, cough* HORRIBLE PRICES *cough, cough.* Anywho, here are my likes.
Alright, so, those double strap shoes are adorable! Definitely my favorite. The golden bracelet is okay, it'll go well with a simple outfit and is flexible. The heart necklace looks REALLY bad up close, but far away is cute and casual. The glasses are nice (and cheap) and have a spring look. Now for my dislikes.
Okay. that "breeze blouse" is poofy and ugly. Like something a pirate dude would wear. An unfashionable pirate dude. The tights' pattern looks poorly made, the belt is expensive and clashes itself, that scarf is WAY too old fashioned, and that dress just...has a horrible pattern. So, i think i'll get those double strap shoes. What about you? Will you get anything? Also, don't you thing PPQ has enough floors already? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
So when i first saw this i thought it said Maui London, like that makes any sense! Does my brain read phonetically? Woah!! I totally guessed on how to spell phonetically and got it right the first time!!!
So, 'bout the only thing good about this store is how cheap the items are. The average price is about 4 to 8 stardollars, which is how much a piece of jewelry should be! Not like those 30 dollar necklaces from Epiphany!! Anywho, all i really like are those glass bug-eyed bears, for some reason. And what's up with those uber-ugly black balloon-ish things on the last floor?? Disgusting! Wait, why am i talking about the background? Alright, so the jewelry is too glitzy and overdone and ugly and cheap-looking for me. Plus, what i hate about stardoll jewelry is that some are filed as INTERIOR, while others are in the BEAUTY PARLOR. How are we supposed to decide which bracelet to wear when they're two minutes apart? Anywho, i'm not getting anything. What about you? Will you get anything? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Cheerio! Here's the latest Hot Buy:
These boots are 11 stardollars from Fudge. I think they are supercute! The only thing I have to complain about is that they kinda look like rain boots, and thee colors could have been a little bit brighter. But YAY stardoll! Finally a decent Hot Buy! What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
Movie Theory Classics got new floors! Yes, this is very late, sorry. But like I said, I fell off a cliff. Now before I show the pics, I just wanna mention one problem with Stardoll's system. You can buy clothes in the fashion tab and the interior tab, and you can buy accessories in the beauty fashion and interior tab. It's so CONFUSING!
Cool! But like I said, it's annoying that stardoll sells clothes in the decor tab. So here are my fav interior items (The clothes didn't appeal to me): The flying monkey on the first floor is cute. I also liked.. nope. That's about it. What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
Hola peoples! I am not gonna say that I haven't posted because I have had too much homework, cuz that excuse is getting old. Let's just say that I happened to fall off a cliff and it took me a while to climb back up. Anyway, here's another Hot Buy:
This... thing is 18 stardollars from Rio. I hate the shape of it. What's the random flair at the bottom supposed to be for? It's really stupid. I would never wear this. The Hot Buys lately have been SOOO ugly! I hope stardoll comes up with some good ones soon. What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
There is a new store called Tress Up!
This is so cool! When you drap one of the hair pieces to your doll, it sticks there and replaces your hair! I bet this happened because stardoll saw the wig fad that took place a couple months ago and thought, "I';; bet i can make money off of this!" So anywho, this is MUCH better than those beauty parlor wigs. They're all pretty expensive, 'cept the two that are starcoins. Oh yeah, and there are some random hair gels and stuff lying around there, too. Anywho, i love the way the Mona hair looks on my doll, so that's all i'm getting! What about you? Will you buy any? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
So, Minimalism has a new floor! I was gonna post on it earlier, but i thought there was going to be more than a single floor....kind of a fail stardoll...and just one floor? You really don't need to send out a message about that. Anywho,
Mehh. I mean, i never really liked Minimalism, cus they're all look, "ooh, look! We have some plain white chairs and some solid black pillows! That'll be sixty stardollars." seriously, if less is more, why does less cost the same as more? Anywho, i'm not going to buy anything. What about you? Will you get anything? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Hey! I am hyped up on chocolate. This is gonna be a CRAZY post. kAJHF oooops. sorry. muscle spasm. Ok, anywho, heres the hot buy:
This romper is 19 stardollars from IT Girls. That is SO expensive! Especially cuz the romper is SO ugly! What the? I mean really, I hate it! I would never EVER buy that even if it was cheap! Well.. maybe I would... but NOT BECAUSE I LIKE IT! Alright so that's all. sk.djfkzsdjhg oops. muscle spasm. Again. So bye!
Gimme a candy bar!
Hey guys! So Killah has been needing a renovation for a LONG time now... and it finally got it!
This looks cute! Have you noticed a lot of stores have been going purple rogue lately? Anyway, here are my favorites:
Sorry Killah. Not a huge fan. I picked these two because I thought they stood out, cuz there superawesome. Here are my dislikes:
So both the shoes are weird shapes and colors, the jumpsuit is plain ugly, the skirt and halter top.. well non crazy humans don't wear them. The spectacles are circular and nerdy, the shorts are weirdly short, and the jacket is a weird color. What do you think about the new Killah?
Gimme a candy bar! ChocoChocoYum

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