So there is this new store in the Starplaza called Snow White and the Huntsmen, based on the movie that is coming out in June. For the record, Kristen Stewart isn't pretty enough to be Snow White, plus, she has no acting skills. Anyway, back on topic. The store isn't that good, but at least it's cheap.
CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?! There is just ONE floor! Such a waste of time stardoll! Anyway, here are my likes:
Just the earrings. Everything else pretty much sucked. I picked them because their earrings, and I LUV earrings. Oh and BTW I am not gonna do my dislikes cuz I am lazy and I hated everything else, either because it was ugly, tacky, or pointless.
What do you think about this store?
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Here's today's hot buy:
These shoes are 12 stardollars from Rio. These are actually pretty cute. I like the striped heel. Not something I  would normally wear, but cute!
What do you think?
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Here is the latest hot buy [Its actually not the latest, but it took me a while to figure out that it actually existed]:
So this hot buy is 19 stardollars from.... Fudge?! What the heck? Fudge died, and NOW it has a hot buy?! I didn't even know there was one until mimosmeep told me. So anyway, the tanktop is actually pretty cute. Normally I don't like yellow, but it didn't look that bad. I also love the design!
What do you think?
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Hey y'all! Sorry for the lack of posting. Obviously, I have no excuse, since it was a four day weekend. Anywho, here is the latest hot buy:
Sorry about the resolution. My computer is acting weird. Anyway, so this dress is from Bonjour Bizou for 24 stardollars. I don't exactly love it. To me it looks too..... old fashioned. And plus, it would be hard to make this look good, because all of the other stores have modern clothing. Also, I don't love the design..
What do you think?
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So for some RANDOM reason, stardoll decided to remove Riviera and replace it with Riviera Brazil, which has 3 FLOORS, compared to Riviera's 8 floors. FAIL.
Well, the colors actually look really nice. Here are my favorites:
As you can see, I picked all the jewelry. Because, WHO WEARS BATHING SUITS ON STARDOLL?! Seriously! So anyway, lately I have been obsessed with bangels, so thats why I picked them. Also, I really like the colors. And the earrings are playful, and their also really bright. Now for my dislikes:
The bag is just... horrible. The flowy thing next to it has no real shape. The towel is a stupid accessory. The shoes are too simple, the bikini has a weird design, the pruple thing has a weird neckline, and the cardigan looks bad with the stripes. Finally, the swimsuit looks really ugly.
So how do you like this new store?
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Hey everyone! And btw, did you notice? It's c,s's 6-month  bday!!! That's why Chocochocoyum has a new banner. Soon you will see some more renovations. Anywho, stardoll sent me this:
Also, on a side note, why do i always see a girl with that ribbon dress on these stardoll adverts? So, anyways, i took the survey. Why, you ask me? Cus i LOVE wasting time! I mean, i go to school, don't i? [BURN on you, school!] Anyways, stardoll should really goof-proof their work...
Okay, reading a book is somewhat understandable. But, yes, i hang out with friends, have a sleepover, chat with friends, and play with brothers and sisters on my own. Because i have no friends nor family.
Yeah, every time i go to the carnival i just pull up my priZe comparison app to find the best priZe. Dude, stardoll. Z does not equal C. They are not interchangeable.
This is like:
4. Chocochocoyum is crazy and random.
a. True
b. False
c. None of the above
Yes, maybe i will be more or less likely to do that. what's the other option?? "Maybe" should've been replaced with "Doesn't affect my decision." Anywho, stardoll is an idiot, right? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Did i not call it?
LOOKIT THIS: BAM. I am just too good for stardoll, right? Yeah...i think everyone is too good for stardoll...So, what do you think? Gonna buy? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Hola! Here is the latest hot buy:
These glasses are fourteen stardollars from Spectacular. That is SOOO expensive! And these glasses are not even that cute! What the heck?!?! Stardoll needs to reprice all their latest hot buys. What do you think?
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So Decades got like five new floors. I am annoyed. It feels like I just posted on Decades. Stardoll has OCD. Seriously. WHY IS EVERYTHING COMING OUT AT ONCE?!
The clothes are actually a little better than what I expected from Decades, but still 5 FLOORS?! Anyway, here are my likes:
The purse is cute and retro, the one piece would look cute if you covered most of it up. The shoes are nice for Decades. Here are my dislikes:
The coat is a disgusting shade of yellow. The top has weird straps ad no shape, the thingy next to it is too stiff, the trousers too baggy, the jacket a weird color, the top too plain, and the dress is layered badly. Wow. I did that in one sentence.
So what do you think about Decades?
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Ok, so this post is late. In my defense, I was gonna do it earlier, but I was like "MEH. I just did a post for Voile!" And yeah. But now I am doing it.
Well, I think that this was a waste of time. Voile has enough floors already! Anyway, here are my likes:
Voile is mostly known for elegant clothing, especially long flowy skirts. So I picked these three because they are a Voile trademark. The green skirt is cute and summery, the long purple skirt is elegant and summery, and the yellow skirt is autumn and elegant.
So here are my dislikes:
The blue top is too small to be structural. The dress has awful sleeves. The pink dress is a little too pink, plus it has a weird shape. The top next to it is practically trasnaprent! The trousers are Eew. The purple dress is too poofy and immature. The heels are too plain, and not a very nice shade of purple.
So what do you think? Did you like this addition to Voile?
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