So there is a new gift'o'meter!
Umm..... cool! So this is the way they set this up:
Kay so..... the clothes are actually pretty cute! I like the gold cardigan. But the table (purple no. 2) is pretty ugly. Overall, I like the clothes better than the interior freebies. But this is the bad part: I have to spend 700 stardollars by July 9. NO WAY!
So what do you think about the gifts?
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So Dot got a makeover! Get it, cuz it's a beauty store.....
I really like the soft colors they used here! The lavenders, the blues, and the baby pinks. Really summery! My favorites are the Peachy Keen Blush, the clouds above shadow, the Pale Pomona Volume Mascara, and the lavender mascara. My dislikes are the lipsticks. I think that they are too light to be lipsticks. They kinda make ur lips blend in with your teeth.
So what do you think about Dot?
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So stardoll got like three new stores in the Starplaza while I was gone. It's annoying cuz they all have two floors!
Why couldn't stardoll just have combined all the tributes into one store and just labeled the floors differently like um... VOILE?!?!?! These stores are going to be just a pain to post on. Plus they don't have that many clothes. Anyway, here are my favorites:
Okay so first: If you click on the giant shoes, they aren't interior! You can actually wear them! But then... why are they that big?! Anyway, so I mostly picked the accessories. The shoes are colorful, the bracelet is metallic and cool, and the tassel earrings pretty much go with anything. The bag is cute-ish, and the bracelet is a nice shade of blue. The shes are a nice color and shape. So now for my dislikes:
I don't like the color of the jacket. The earrings... I don't really understand why they need to be mismatched. The shorts are weird shaped. The top... too uptight and weird halter neckline. The shoes: The pink ones are too simple. The black ones have a really fat pump. The ponytail ones... WHAT THE HECK?! PONYTAIL SHOES?! That's just  beyond strange. The swimsuit, is again... too simple.
So what do you think bout this store?
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Sorry about the late post, I've just been so excited about summer, that I kinda forgot. So anyway, I have got a lot of stuff to catch up on. So first off... here's today's hot buy:
So this bathing suit is from Bonjour Bizou for 25 stardollars. I like the colors, but I honestly don't get the point of bathing suits on stardoll. I mean, the only thing that I see people wearing them for is like... when they are wearing an open blazer or jacket or something. For that, this would be really cute. I kinda wish they made this, with the same design and everything, into like a strapless short dress. THAT would look mega-cute. What do you think?
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Glam R Us got new floors [a really long time ago, I just forgot 2 post on them]. Honestly, It didn't really need them, but since it's a jewelry store, I guess it makes sense.
So... Cool! Here are my likes:
I am not gonna go into detail about each one, but I just wanna say that I picked the earrings cuz I LUV earrings. The necklace is an amazing color. I <3 sapphires! Here are my dislikes:
The first necklace is too fat. The second one is too big. The third one isn't round enough. The other neckalces are too thick and big. WHO WEARS NOSE RINGS?! And... I dunno bout u but I don't like wearing a fence around my neck... The last one is an ugly color.
So what do you think?
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Hey! Another How to Work! So this one was weird. First I was gonna do the red WWC socks from Windows on the World, but then THEY DISAPPEARED. I have no idea what happened. So then I had to change the ENTIRE THING to these bright red tights from Killah for 12 stardollars.
Okay! So here is how to work a pair of bright red tights!

CASUAL: For this look, I paired the tights with the Bold Geometry Dress from Original Future for 14 stardollars. I also used the Ivory Faux Fur Shag Boots from Apres Ski for 8 stardollars. I added the Strawberry Earrings from Sunny Bunny Kloz for 40 starcoins for a more playful look.
PARTY: For this look, I went red, white, and blue. And black. I used the Brick Lane Jacket from Killah for 14 stardollars, and the navy blue tanktop from Basics for 35 starcoins. I also used the First Voile Bridal Skirt for 76 starcoins. For shoes, I used the double strap platforms from PPQ for 9 stardollars. As for Jewelry, I used the Pearls and Beads necklace from Epiphany for 9 stardollars, the Moti Earrings from Epiphany for ten stardollars, and the Multi Pearl Bracelet from Epiphany for 150 starcoins.
NIGHTLIFE: For this look, I kinda cheated, cuz I covered up the tights. But seriously, nobody wears red tights for Nightlife, so I had to cover them up. I covered up the tights with the Dot Paillette Sheer Maxi Skirt from Voile for 12 stardollars. I used the Vulcan Shoes for 6 stardollars from Fallen Angel. I layered two tops, the first is the Black Widow Web Top from Velvet Orchid for 14 stardollars. I also added the Off Shoulder Fair Isle Sweater from Apres Ski for 12 stardollars.
So what did you think about this edition of How to Work?
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So stardoll got like three new stores, all of which pretty much fail. AND GUESS WHAT???? VOILE GOT ANOTHER FRIGGIN FLOOR. Fail Stardoll.
Seriously stardoll? MORE FLOORS FOR VOILE?! Ugh. This is getting really annoying. Voile is like a whole mall inside of itself... Well, here are my favorites:
The shoes are okay. I picked the bracelet cuz I love bracelts. I picked the skirt because I like the colors, plus even though it's a little ploofy, the shape is still cute. Now for my dislikes:
The blouse is a gross color. The clutch kinda looks like someone threw up on it. The blouse is a bad shape. The shoes are too plain. Nobody wears those kinds of dresses anymore. The yellow dress has no shape, plus the green thing is really weird. The skirt is a mucky color.
What do you think?
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Here is the second Hot Buy:
These Tassel Earrings are 13 stardollars from Glam R Us. Well, I guess they're.... ok? I don't think they are amazing, but they look pretty good. What do you think?
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So stardoll has changed SOO much and now I have SOO much to post on but I have SOOO little time. I kinda wish I would fall off a cliff again.
Yeah: I said again. So anyway, here is the [not so latest] hot buy:
This is the Techno Top from Bonjour Bizou for 17 stardollars. THIS IS SO UGLY. I am wasting five minutes of my time writing a post about a stupid really ugly top with... tassels?! BLECH. So yeah. I think this is lame. What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
ARGH THIS IS WEIRD so now there are new price tags. And guess what? My problem with the last ones were that they were too big, got in the way, and were pretty useless. Now they're the same, only BIGGER.
Tag 1. The average tag. Dude! Look how huge that is!! Look at all the empty white space!! It's bigger than the dress itself! What is the point of that??
Tag 2. The you-own-it tag. Okay, there's this HUGE blank spot in the middle of the tag, and they decide to put the already yours thing over the logo? Sad.
Tag 3. The "New!" tag. Really. Again with the misuse of space.
Tag 4. The sale tag. First of all, on this tag, PPQ is WAY too big. It draws my eyes there and i can't focus on the price or the name of the item. Anyways, this one isn't so bad, but the sale thing should be bigger. So, What do you think? This is bad, right? Comment.
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