Hey! So i logged on and found this.
So, what the heck is this???
This is so weird and random! Do i get prizes? I don't know, this all seems so weird. What do you think? Strange, right? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
EDIT: WOAH!! Look at this!!
Yeah, that's pretty much all i had to say. I mean, seriously. It looks like i'm level 20. The crown is so small you can't tell it's a nine.
Well, it was only a matter of time before stardoll caught this.
The fail Fallen Angel jacket has just gone on sale for 990 stardollars off! Anywho, what do you think? This problem should've never happened, right? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
FALLEN ANGEL FAILS. Look at these two items.
In what world is that a skirt? But even worse than that, look at this glitch.
HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?? I HOPE this is a glitch!! Part of me wants to test this out, but the other part is WAY to scared. Besides, i don't even like the jacket. Man, that was SUCH a fail on stardoll's behalf. Anywho,what do you think? Does stardoll need an editor? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Hey! We got a commercial! I would give you the link to it, but the starmovie thing is STUPID and there is no way to find it there, so instead you have to go to my page, then click on the starmovie tab and check it out. PLEASE :). I don't understand how people will be able to see the commercial if you have to go to my suite first!! Also, you may have noticed that the site looks a little different. Cool, right?! What do you think? Stardoll needs to redesign the starmovie page, right? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Sorry for the late post. Math tests (WE HAVE FIVE!!!!!!) Are just around the corner. I mean literally. Just one more left, then down the block. It is a big neon sign saying "WASTE OF KID'S TIME ALERT". So anywho.... Wild Candy got new floors [not that new anymore....]
WHAT IS THIS?????? Wild Candy now has user designs, and no offense, but they look TERRIBLE. Anyway, here are my favorites:
The romper thingy has a FRIGGIN CUPCAKE on it. The skirt has cute colors.... and yeah. That's all. Here are my dislikes:
So the first thing is black and frilly, which doesn't make sense. The dress is too simple, and WAY too expensive. The skirt and the shorts have strange shapes and designs. The sunset dress just looks weird to me. The dress next to it just doesn't have the right style for that design, and the other dress has LIPS ON IT. Gross much?!
So what do you think about the sort of new Wild Candy?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
I just saw a panda fall face first off a slide.
...........Starplaza Archive got new stuff!
The second floor is kinda unnecessary....... Well, I don't really like the Archive. The clothes always seem so rejected. Anywho, here are my favorites:
The skirt is drapey, cute and purple. The shoes are cool colors and i like the triple strap deal. Here are my dilikes:
The chain fence thingy is SO GROSS! The xray dress is.....an X-RAY DRESS. The skirt is a really awkward shape. The face tee has a really stupid looking face on it. Like a Panda that just fell on it's face while sliding down a slide. And the design of the dress is cute, but I hate the shoulders.
SO what do you think? Did you like the Starplaza Archive?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
Wow! Time does fly, eh? Just like that! And school's almost over! Of course, i've been saying that since the start of third quarter. But, anyways, royalty, woo! So...now what? Being royalty is THAT amazing, right..? Well, what's your opinion? Are you royalty? If so, what are the perks? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Okay, what's with this?
I CAN'T READ THIS. I SPEAK ENGLISH. What is this, like, Spanish??? IDK!! What the heck, stardoll?!? Shouldn't this have only been sent to the people that live in wherever they speak whatever language this is!!! What do you think? Y'know what this says? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
So Pretty 'n Love got a new floor!
MEH. The clothes aren't all that great. Oh and this is a sidenote; the black bloomers and veil look SO out of place! So anyway, here are my favorites:
Honestly, I didn't like anything, but I guess these shoes are okay. Simple nude pumps. Can't go wrong with that. So here are my dislikes:
Th yellow lace thing is transparent, and it looks too tight. The dress has a terrible design. The pants have a bad shape, and the white leggings are the wrong shade of white. The coat is too old fashioned. I don't like the tassels on the purse. Finally, the bloomers. WHO WEARS BLOOMERS?!
So what do you think?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum

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