Hey peoples! So here is the latest hot buy:
These are 9 stardollars from Orignal Future. OMGOMGOMG I LUV BANGLES! They can make almost any outfit look SO chic. I especially luv the colors on these, all the neons and stuff. SO AWESOME!
What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
But, the answer to the second question is the third option, cups and trophies. Hopefully you got it right or haven't answered it yet. The prize is this:
Which i kind of like. I don't know why they chose to put the UK flag on the hat, but eh, whatever. It looks cool, right? Stardoll is based in like, germany, right? I don't know. Anyways, this pize isn't that bad. What do you think? Do you like the prize? Isn't google a helpful site for these problems? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
So basically stardoll has this new offer that is not relevant to me, so I probably shouldn't be posting on it... oh well!
So I gotta say this. Stardoll is like "WAUEH u shud check this out this is amazing! Oh wait.. never mind. This doesn't apply to u. You just wasted 10 seconds of ur time reading this." And I'm like: WTH? I kinda wish that they had a filter so some stardoll mail only went to superstars. Would save all the regular members 10 seconds.
What do you think?
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Hey guys, so I just got a poster from Stardoll that looks like this:
Sorry that its pixelated, but Basically, there is a LIVE CHAT with a fashion designer from Stardoll!!  Do you think you guys are gonna do it? Sounds like fun!!  Maybe we could give her ideas!!  What do you guys think?  Leave a comment telling us!!

Careful... Truffles melt!!
So there is a new store in honor of the Olympics.
So there are a TON of floors for this store, so I better get started...
WOOW this is A HUGE store. My favorites are the pink bunny on the last floor, the purple tulip on the second to last floor, and the purple chair also on the second to last floor. My dislikes are the green deer on the eighth floor, the blue chair on the sixth floor, and the bike on the first floor. So lemme just say, I LOVE the last two floors. They are SO cute! I love the colors!
What do you think?
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So this is kind of a late post... but anyway, I got this mail from stardoll.
So this is just another one of those deals from stardoll. But they made really cheesy jokes like "and now you can get the Olympic Pass to put you ahead of the game" and "you won't lose with this pass..." But I guess it's a good deal. Are you gonna get it?
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WOOWW. Stardoll just had this HUGE 3 for 2 sale, and now they have this:
So this sale is small cuz it only applies to Opulence and Windows on the World. I dunno about Opulence, but I know that Windows on the World has a lack of good original clothing, so I guess the sale makes sense there.
What do you think?
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So the Archive got new stuff! YAY! So here is the new archive floors:
So yeah! Archive is back and better then ever! Well... that's not all the way true... but anyway: Here are my likes!
I like the color of the skirt, the electric blue. The other skirt is a little bit quirky, but I can see it looking good. The two shoes are simple, but cute in their own way. Now for my dislikes:
The flower top is really tight and ugly. The black fringe top is way too baggy and has no shape. The dress is too long, and it looks tacky. The beige dress has a weird design, and weird flair stuff at the bottom. The shoes are just ugly all on their own...  don't understand the white top's sleeves.
So what do you think about the new Archive?
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Here is the latest hot buy:
This jacket is 17 stardollars from Pretty 'n Love. Honestly, I think that it's pretty ugly. The shape is really strange, and it kinda looks like a hobo jacket. Plus the shoulders really annoy me, they are really stiff. Also, I think it is reallllllyyyy expensive. Totally not worth it!
What do you think?
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Hey guys!!  New Store!!  Frankie Morello Tribute!!!  You all should have gotten a message from stardoll that looks something like This:
Okay, so basically, its just about the new Store...  Here are the different floors:
Okay, so first of all, it feels like a bunch of mannequins have the same shoes and accessories!!!  Really, you couldn't come up with a few more high heels... Inspired by someone elses style??  Also.. everything here is soooo expensive... and its all in Stardollars...  Ugh!!!  I don't think I'm gonna be doing my shopping here. But kudos Stardoll for a more "punk" look!! Again.. way to appeal to other audiences!! Now for my likes and dislikes

Okay, so these clothes are probably the least "punk" in the store... and they are kinda cute. For the Jacket... Wear a Bright cami underneath with a pare of skinnyjeans and bright heels. It would look amazing!!  For the sports tee, you could wear a cami under it. Some supershort denim shorts would super cute!!  And for the dress, and some white or silver heels, a pair of cute dangly earrings, and a braclet. Then you're ready to rock this dress!!

Okay, The accessories are too spiky, gothish (sorry if that is offensive, I hope its not!!) for my style. Same with the leotard-thingy ... I don't really like the plunge and the Spikey shoulders, I also don't really like the dress. Its too plain, except for the studs. I guess you could accessorize it with the black studded belt if you own it, but still. Anyway... I want to hear what you guys have to say about Frankie Morello Tribute!!!What do you guys think of the store? Are you guys gonna shop here? Comment!!

Careful... Truffles Melt!!

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