Huh...I still haven't made a new banner -.- Anywho...sorry long time, no post. There was just nothing really of interest to post on...anywho, again, ChocoTrufflez is still hacked. ALRIGHT, DOWN TO BUSINESS.
There's a 50% off sale at Spectacular.
So, i don't really buy much from Spectacular, i guess that's why there's this sale, so i think i'll check it out and buy something. What about you? Sad summer's over? Gonna buy any sunglasses? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
OK so I have decided to try and write this whole post withouth using backspace, so excuse the typos. Here is the latest Hot Buy:
This dress is from Rio or 24 stardollars. I have four words or you stardoll: U.G.L.Y. The belts seem rally pointless, I dont like pattern AT ALL, the neckline is weird, and I dont like the long sleeve look. Plus it is WAY too expensive. D: So overall, I hate it. PERIOD.
What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
The first one was from today, and the second one was from yesterday, and the third one was from rwo days ago. HOW FRIGGIN AWESOME IS THAT?! AHHH! This is the best I have gotten. EVER. Psyched!
...............Yea so that was all I have to say. Bye!
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
I cannot believe summer is almost over! D: This will probably be my last How to Work post before school starts. So I better make this one awesome to compensate for my lack of posting during the school year......:D! So the star of this post IS:
..................... THE PINK WAXY SKIRT FROM VELVET ORCHID FOR 14 STARDOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Outfit #1:
CASUAL: For this outfit, I used really light colors like cream and pink. I added the Nude Forties Bouse from Windows on the World for 41 starcoins. For accessories, I used the Pearl Geography Earrings from Glam R Us for 4 stardollars and the elegant glasses from Spectacular for 10 starcoins. To finish it off, I used the Cream Sandals from Voile for 53 starcoins.Now for Party:
PARTY: For this look, I paired the classic skirt with a WILD top, cute accessories, and patterned stilettos. I used the Laserlight Top from Antidote for 66 stardollars, the Pink Pearl Necklace from Glam R Us for 25 starcoins (on sale), and the Streamers Heels from PPQ from 11 stardollars. Next up: Nightlife:
NIGHTLIFE: Here, instead of the typical black, I changed things up a bit. I used PUPRPLE!!!! :D!!! So I used the Amethyst Rosette Top from Sea of Stars for 18 stardollars, the Basic Purple Tights from Basics (No DUH) for 38 starcoins, the Short Stripes Tights from Velvet Orchid for 64 starcoins, and the Four Buckles Shoes from Velvet Orchid for 6 stardollars.
So what do you think about this edition of How to Work?
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Ok so stardoll fixed this:
THANK YOU! Stardoll needs to be more careful. They have had a LOT of glitches lately (and they have been pretty stupid). Ever heard of.. I dunno.... DOUBLE CHECKING?! Or maybe stardoll should just do it right the first time.
What do you think?
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Ok so look at this:
Um.... EXPENSIVE MUCH?! I seriously hope this is a glitch because those are really ugly shorts and SERIOUSLY?! 65 stardollars?! I REALLY hope this was an accident.
What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
I just went to a party and I found a ten dollar bill in the street. I love my life! Anyway, here is the latest Hot Buy:
This feather band is from Bonjour Bizou for 10 stardollars. I kinda like it, But I don't really use hair accessories that much so I can't say that I would buy it. I like the colors though. They compliment each other, and could look really great when worn right. Warning: Careful what you wear with it, it could make you look like a hippie.
What do you think?
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Ok so, you remember the weird Hot Buys Top glitch? So apparently it was fixed....
So that top was supposed to be from Original Future:
Ok so that makes WAY more sense. I can't believe stardoll made that mistake. At least it's fixed now...
What do you think?
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Hello everyone, it's Mimosmeep here representing everyone at Cute, Stardollish!.
ChocoTrufflez's account has been hacked. And by someone extremely stupid. The hacker has admitted she hacked into ChocoTrufflez, and said that she put stardollars on the account. When asked why she didn't just make her own account and put the stardollars on there, she replied, "she already had some clothes." This girl is obviously a 100% genuine idiot, so stay away from ChocoTrufflez's account, at least for now.
As you can see, the hacker has dressed ChocoTrufflez's medoll in a very...revealing outfit and put an inappropriate paragraph in her presentation. She has invited all her stardoll creeper friends to this account and has made a fool of this account for the wholw wide interwebs to see.
Click on the file below (u might have to download it) to see the conversation i had with the hacker in which she admits to hacking. The question "did you get the tickets?" was me testing to see if it was the hacker or my friend. The results are as shown.
This girl seems pretty harmless, not once did she insult or cuss at me. After chatting with her i changed my password to something ridiculously difficult to guess (and remember.)
Anyways, that is why ChocoTrufflez has not been posting and will not be posting for a while. We apologize, and ask for some time to clear this up. Thank you,
The Cute, Stardollish! Team
File Size: 4833 kb
File Type: docx
Download File

Let's get down to business... to defeat the Huns! (haha sorry Mulan reference....) Anyway, here is the latest hot buy:
So this top is 18 stardollars from..... FUDGE?! WTH?!
What kind of glitch is this? How can you make this mistake stardoll? Fudge NO. LONGER. EXISTS. Are you just rubbing it in our face that one of our favorites stores DIED?! YOU ARE A MEAN BULLY. OR YOU JUST MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE.... Anyway, back to the top. SO CUTE. I LUVS IT. The color combo and pattern combo is perfect. Now if only it came from a legit place....
What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum

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