It's Friday.... AHA! You probably thought I was gonna sing the song. WELL I DIDN'T!! So in your face! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
This is the Watermelon Dress from Evil Panda for 25 stardollars. So I love these kinds of dresses, but it bugs me SO MUCH when people where them wrong. Seriously. This dress has form. Meaning, DON'T PUNK IT UP. Simple layering looks best. Chic boots. Dangle earrings. A light cardigan. Subtle makeup. DON't OVERDO IT. These looks best when THEY are the highlight. DON'T RUIN THIS FOR ME. I hate seeing people try to wear form fitting FORM ACCENTUATING dresses who have no fashion sense. TAKE A HINT.
What do you think? Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
1) They spelled October wrong....
2)Why did they spell October wrong?
3) The misspelled October must drive OCD people CRAZY.
So here is what it actually is:
Ok so if you click the second gondola, then they ask you a trivia question: The correct answer is 208 meters, just for you cheaters out there. You win 10 starcoins! YAYYY! Anyway, they say you have to go an a treasure hunt to get more prizes. I'm lazy stardoll. I'm not gonna do that!
There is also this special offer, as usual:
Cool! And then there is also the super LAME clothes for the treasure hunt:
Wow. That is SOOO ugly. Don't even get me started.
Anyway, what do you think?
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I HATE SCHOOL SO MUCH NOW. I mean, last year it was ok. I had great classes, homework was light, and I actually had time to just be a kid. Now? It feels like I am in COLLEGE ALREADY. Yes, I am dreading high school. But more than that, I am dreading TOMORROW. ANYway, here's the latest hot buy:
So these are 17 stardollars from Velvet Orchid. SO CUTEE! Really! I love the design, and they could go with SO MUCH. The pink things kind of annoy me, but overall I really like it.
What about you?
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I get it, I get it. This post is way old. And just for the record, you may be wondering why me and mimosmeep (excuse my TERRIBLE grammar) are alternating posts. It's cuz neither of us want to do Lord of the Flies homework, yes I think she mentioned that.. and we both have a LOT to catch up on the blog. So we decided to take turns doing our homework and posting. Ingenious idea from yours truly. And now for Glam R Us:
So.. why did stardoll um.. DELETE ALL THE FLOORS BUT THESE?! So it's ok for Voile to have a million floors but not Glam R Us? Weird. Secondly: Have I really been gone that long? This store looks WAY different. It's totally cool, don't get me wrong, but for some reason I feel like all the stores are getting more intense. Stardoll really needs to lighten things up a bit. That used to be Fudge's job.. BTW. Anyway, here are my likes:
So most of this is self explanatory. The earrings I love because I love earrings. The necklace could look good if you wear it right.
The only things that I disliked are those big goth-like necklaces and earrings that were that shade of red that makes your ear look like its bleeding.
What do you think about this store? Don't you wish that stardoll would make the stores less intense?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChooYum
I just downed a Coke Zero in 8 min. flat. And 12 gummy colas.
OKay, so, first impressions: the first floor is cute, i like how there's a little gift shop for the museum, it's a nice touch, though i don't think anything in it is particularly useful, besides the posters. And as for the clothes, wow. Something about the color combo, where the mannequins were placed, the outfits and the clothes just makes these floors stunning. I don't know, i'm not even going to buy much from this shop, but the floors are absolutely breathtaking! Beautiful work, stardoll interior designer (is that an actual job? Cus that sounds freakin AWESOME.) Anywho, gotta speed this up so i can work on Lord of the Flies homework. Have you ever read LOTF? If not, you're lucky.
Here are my likes. I'm sure you all see a definite color scheme, no? Anywho, that skirt is just fun and playful and bubbly and just cute! And the wedges! Omg, the wedges! At the risk of sounding like a TOTAL Valley girl, wedges are SO in right now. I LOVE them, they're amazingly cute. Plus, they're in sc! I'm kinda disappointed though because those were the only 3 pairs of shoes in the entire collection. And then there's that simple turquoise ring, a nice accessory. (Hey, i just realized that my medoll doesn't have a single ring! Too much work to put on, since they go in the beauty section.)
Okay, i didn't realize how many dislikes i had until i laid them all out. So, starting at the top. The turquoise top, when i saw it, i was like, oh, well, that's boring! Then i clicked on it, what the heck? Whats with the green pit stains and awkward transparency? The "kimono"; uh, bath robe anyone? And the weird poofy a-line coat just looks like a moldy yellow rain coat for a fat person. The pants have potential, but they poof out weird at the pockets and if a piece of clothing doesn't have a good silhouette, it's really not that great. The portrait hats: umm.....The weird blue coat looks like a childrens book about nighttime artichokes. Really. The pink thing has so much potential!! It could've looked so pretty if done right, but ah, execution failed. The blue skirt is REALLY pretty, but the shape is so horrendously bad! It just stops awkwardly as a straight line, silhouette=horrible! The fur collar reminds me of a dog and what the heck is that peacock head thing i mean really. So, what do you think? Visually, the store itself is stunning, but a lot of pieces didn't make the grade. Are you gonna buy anything? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
K so here is the FAIL new store with ONE FLOOR:
What is the point of this? Clearly they are not trying to make there mark in fashion. I don't know why I am even bothering with this post.
The dress is simple and cute, the skirt pretty much goes with anything, and I can see the top looking good. Now for my dislikes:
Ok so: the yellow shirt makes me think "Owl...bumblebee....owl....bumblebee ....owl.....bumblebee". Plus it HURTS TO LOOK AT THE STRIPES. The leggings are too pink, and don't really match ANYTHING. The jacket is too stiff and simple, and the top makes medolls look fat...
What do you think about this store?
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Sorry all you fans out there. Our school is LAME and STUPID and apparently HOMEWORK isn't just a seven letter word anymore. Wait. Scratch that. IT NEVER WAS. Anyway, here is the latest hot buy:
Cute! This skirt is 17 stardollars from It Girls. I like it. Pair it with a simple top and nice shoes, maybe some hoop earrings, and you've got yourself a casual look! I think this skirt can be worked into anything so... have fun with it!
What do you think?
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Kay, so here is the mail you should have gotten from stardoll:
Here are the new floors:
OH. EM. GEE. Voile is like the size of Australia! WHY?! Plus these clothes are really bad. Like, not just really bad. FREAKING TERRIBLE. The only things I like are some of the shoes, just because you can't really go wrong with shoes. THAT'S IT. Everything else pretty much sucks.
What do you think?
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SLOW DOWN STARDOLL. School has started in case you didn't notice. I can't spend all my time posting on stuff that just had to come NOW.
Cool idea.. but the store itself? Not so great. The clothes are boring, the look is boring, blah blah. If your going to make me post on all this stuff stardoll, you should at least make it interesting. Anywho, here are my likes:
The shoes are cute in a little-kid way, the belt can go with a LOT of stuff, the skirt is simple and subtle, and the pink shoulder thingy... well I am sure there is some way to make it look good. Now for my dislikes:
Everything here is ugly, too glitzy, WAY to hard to wear (hat ahem) and just plain weird. I am not going to go into much detail because I have other homework to do. Kay, see you soon!
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
There are two problems with this picture:
Firstly, there are no clothes. Obviously. Secondly:
Expensive much...?! Stardoll, you seriously need to be more careful. I found like 5 glitches in a three minute scan of the website. That's pretty .. pathetic.
What do you think?
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