The third day of the Safer Internet Day quiz is also pretty easy, but if you want to confirm your gift, the answer is the first choice. If you get it correctly, you get...
...a teapot? A lamp? I honestly do NOT know what the heck this is...oh, well. What do you think? Do you like the prize type thing? What do you think it is? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Stardoll is giving out free football things for the Steelers and Packers. Each team has a jersey and a football helmet. There's also a football.
So, what do you think? Are you on the Packers sd side or the Steelers? I'm on the Steelers'. Not sure why, but i always kind of rooted for them. I like their symbol, too. I think that the jerseys will look great with skinny jeans, or if you want to recreate a football scene. What do you think? Will you get them? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Hey, y'alls. Luckily this thing is available even through the glitchy site. Unfortunately, you can't see your prize, cus you can't go to your suite...
Just go here.
Day one and two are available now. The answers are pretty obvious, but if you wanna be uber-double-sure...The answer to no. 1 is the third choice. No. 2's answer is the second choice. Day one gets you a weird blue chair, and day two gets you 50 free starcoins! :D! Oh, and if you get all seven right, you get 24 hrs of free SS membership! :D Not really a big deal for me, but if you're non-ss, that's really cool! So, what do you think? Did you answer the questions? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Hello everyone! Stardoll is trying to apologize to us about the expensive hot buys by giving us a free one!
Unfortunately they did not decide to give us a pretty one...this mirror is pretty ugly. Oh, well, it's free! If you have not gotten it, go get ti now! What do you think? Do you think it's ugly? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3

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