Ok so I haven't posted in a LONG time (sorry guys) but Hot or Not 3 voting was a little...slow. And by slow I mean YOU GUYS NEED TO VOTE SOONER! Anywho, the results are FINALLY in and the winner is....

Ballet4life7! Sorry miss_bloom978. A Hot or Not 4 will be out soon, so maybe, I don't know, VOTE FASTER THIS TIME!? So don't waste any time and vote for your favourite doll soon!
I'd rather be riding-ArabianCrazy88

The winner for Hot or Not edition 2 is...
Hulalahoop! Sorry, serenita7. This post probably should have gone before Hot or Not 3, but somebody *cough cough mimosmeep* didn't get me the results in time. Oh well. Either way, AFTER the results of Hot or Not 3 are posted, Hot or Not 4 will be coming soon! Don't forget to vote for your favourite doll! 
--I'd rather be riding, ArabianCrazy88 
Note from mimosmeep: All ArabianCrazy88's fault! :{)
Hey guys! ArabianCrazy88 here with the third edition of Hot Or Not! So for this round, our contestants are:


So both these dolls have a semi-laid-back vibe, but I like ballet4life7's outfit better. It seems to match better than miss_bloom978's. Ballet4life7  used a jean jacket to tone down her dressy skirt and used accessories that go with her outfit, while miss_bloom978's odd accessories and dark make-up don't go with her cute "hot summer day" theme she gives off here. And I REALLY don't like her hat (random, much?) Overall, I like ballet4life7's outfit much better than miss_bloom978's. But really, it's your thoughts that count, so vote for your favourite doll in the poll!
--I'd rather be riding, ArabianCrazy88
Welcome to the second edition of Hot or Not! Here are the contestants;
Oooohhh, this is a tough one. Hulalahoop has a great color scheme with a cool sloppy-neat look. Cute! And serenita7 layered the previous to last LE beautifully! I'm going to have to say hulalahoop, though, because her outfit is very cheap and serenita7's shoes don't really match the LE; the black is too harsh to match the pastel colors. Anyways, vote for your favorite outfit in the poll. Did you like hot or not? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
And the winner of Hot or Not edition 1 is...
Taymyangel.! Congrats! Sorry, goldieloxx11. The next Hot or Not shall be coming shortly! Please vote! Did you like Hot or Not 1? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Hello, and welcome to the first edition of Hot or Not! Exciting! Today we are reviewing two outfits.
Now, in my opinion, i think that taymyangel.'s is hot and goldieloxx11's is not. No offense, goldieloxx! Here's my reasoning: Goldieloxx11's outfit is cute, i guess, but here's the thing; she paid over 126 stardollars for such a simple outfit! Taymyangel.'s outfit is simple and perfect for winter. Her fluffy boots, cropped sweater and black jeans look so cute together. But my openion desn't matter. It's yours that matters! So take my poll and answer whose outfit you think is hot, and whose you think is not. Did you like hot or not? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3

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