Huh, Weebly has this weird new quote thing............ Ok, i'll stop typing in this thingy
So, first of all, this color scheme is nice. I do like the purples and blue with the gray and white. Of course, it's the standard underwhelming Dot format... y'know, blush, eyeshadow, liquid and pencil liners, etc.... I'm not sure why they doubled some of the items though, no real point to that, and it looks pretty bad. So..... maybe i'll buy a couple items. And happy Thanksgiving! So, what do you think? Will you be buying anything? Comment. (Oh, and be sure to join the club CuteStardollish !!!)
Mimosmeep :3
So, there's a new collection in Original Future.
With these rack stores, it's REALLY difficult to tell where the new collection ends and the older ones start. But i'm assuming it ends sorta on the left of the 3rd page? I don't know. Here are my likes:
Okay, so. The jeans are cute and look a little bit punk, which i like. The gray and pink shirt is simple and cute, the peach top has a nice shape and colors, and the pink shirt is shaped really well. The hat is just a playful little cute thingy :). And now for the BUM BUM BUM! dislikes.
There was a LOT of crummy stuff, so i just choose my absolute hates. The first jacket, looks SO. TOTALLY. AWKWARD. That fur thingy is HUGE. The giant jacket, really stardoll, why do you make these things? So people can be a monster for Halloween? Next, the bubble jacket. THIS COULDA BEEN SO CUUTEE!! But they had to go and make the sleeves too short and the shoulders too boxy. The purple warm ups-god, i hate track suits. Yes stardoll, nothing says high fashion more than bright purple track suit pants. The skirt-what's with those giant pom poms at the bottom?? And the last jacket-refer to what i said about the first jacket. So overall, not a great store. What do you think? Gonna buy anything? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
So... WAUEH! Stardoll added a new tab to the shopping page:
Ok so, I was like  FOUR STORES?! But then I looked at them and I figured out that they only had one floor each....FAIL. So for the stores:
[side note: That dude's shirt is....GIRLY MUCH?! I have never EVER seen a guy where something like that. Fail Stardoll!] So...sorry. No likes here. But you can't blame me: There are hardly any CLOTHES here. Next store:
Still one floor, but hey! More clothes! Lets look at my likes:
The dress is sheek, and the two denim leggings are simple and versatile. Ok, next store:
Here are my favroites:
The two blazers are cute, fitted, and could be worked into virtually any outfit. The sweater just had a cute pattern, though I'm not crazy about the shape. Finally, the last store:
And my likes:
Everything here is cute! I love the sweaters SO much. Definitely gonna get one of them :)
[The reason I didn't do dislikes was because everything I didn't like I disliked, so you get the idea.]
What do you think about Harrods?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
I just downed a Coke Zero in 8 min. flat. And 12 gummy colas.
OKay, so, first impressions: the first floor is cute, i like how there's a little gift shop for the museum, it's a nice touch, though i don't think anything in it is particularly useful, besides the posters. And as for the clothes, wow. Something about the color combo, where the mannequins were placed, the outfits and the clothes just makes these floors stunning. I don't know, i'm not even going to buy much from this shop, but the floors are absolutely breathtaking! Beautiful work, stardoll interior designer (is that an actual job? Cus that sounds freakin AWESOME.) Anywho, gotta speed this up so i can work on Lord of the Flies homework. Have you ever read LOTF? If not, you're lucky.
Here are my likes. I'm sure you all see a definite color scheme, no? Anywho, that skirt is just fun and playful and bubbly and just cute! And the wedges! Omg, the wedges! At the risk of sounding like a TOTAL Valley girl, wedges are SO in right now. I LOVE them, they're amazingly cute. Plus, they're in sc! I'm kinda disappointed though because those were the only 3 pairs of shoes in the entire collection. And then there's that simple turquoise ring, a nice accessory. (Hey, i just realized that my medoll doesn't have a single ring! Too much work to put on, since they go in the beauty section.)
Okay, i didn't realize how many dislikes i had until i laid them all out. So, starting at the top. The turquoise top, when i saw it, i was like, oh, well, that's boring! Then i clicked on it, what the heck? Whats with the green pit stains and awkward transparency? The "kimono"; uh, bath robe anyone? And the weird poofy a-line coat just looks like a moldy yellow rain coat for a fat person. The pants have potential, but they poof out weird at the pockets and if a piece of clothing doesn't have a good silhouette, it's really not that great. The portrait hats: umm.....The weird blue coat looks like a childrens book about nighttime artichokes. Really. The pink thing has so much potential!! It could've looked so pretty if done right, but ah, execution failed. The blue skirt is REALLY pretty, but the shape is so horrendously bad! It just stops awkwardly as a straight line, silhouette=horrible! The fur collar reminds me of a dog and what the heck is that peacock head thing i mean really. So, what do you think? Visually, the store itself is stunning, but a lot of pieces didn't make the grade. Are you gonna buy anything? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
In the starplaza, there are three random free things, a picture of an owl, a straw hat, and another hat-like thing.
...? I have no idea what this is. I got them, cus they're free, but i really don't know about this stuff. Maybe i'll update later. What do you think these are for? Are you gonna get them (even though they look bizarre)? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
There's some new floors in Dot, and the theme is "Nature."
Meh. Dot keeps coming out with floors and more floors and more floors of the exact same thing in nine different colors every time. Anywho, i don't really like this, although i do like the mocha eye stuff and the peachy lipstick. Some of the items are glitchy and when you go to use them they look like the original dot items. (Try it with the lipsticks.) Also, i just need to point out-there is a teal blush. A teal blush. We're not aleins, are we? Anyway, what do you think? Will you buy anything? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
There are [reasonably] new floors in PPQ!
Meh. I'm not a big fan of PPQ, what with thier *cough, cough* HORRIBLE PRICES *cough, cough.* Anywho, here are my likes.
Alright, so, those double strap shoes are adorable! Definitely my favorite. The golden bracelet is okay, it'll go well with a simple outfit and is flexible. The heart necklace looks REALLY bad up close, but far away is cute and casual. The glasses are nice (and cheap) and have a spring look. Now for my dislikes.
Okay. that "breeze blouse" is poofy and ugly. Like something a pirate dude would wear. An unfashionable pirate dude. The tights' pattern looks poorly made, the belt is expensive and clashes itself, that scarf is WAY too old fashioned, and that dress just...has a horrible pattern. So, i think i'll get those double strap shoes. What about you? Will you get anything? Also, don't you thing PPQ has enough floors already? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
So, Minimalism has a new floor! I was gonna post on it earlier, but i thought there was going to be more than a single floor....kind of a fail stardoll...and just one floor? You really don't need to send out a message about that. Anywho,
Mehh. I mean, i never really liked Minimalism, cus they're all look, "ooh, look! We have some plain white chairs and some solid black pillows! That'll be sixty stardollars." seriously, if less is more, why does less cost the same as more? Anywho, i'm not going to buy anything. What about you? Will you get anything? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
I don't know what this is, but it looks special, so...
It looks pretty good! If no one told me it was superbowl, that would not be my first guess. Or even my, like, 60th guess if i were still trying at that point. WOW, that was off topic!!! Anywho, i'm gonna buy something. What about you? Do you like the items? Comment.
Sorry that this post is so late-i totally forgot! Anywho, there is a new floor in D-Signed. It's the Chyna Parks collection.
Mehhh...not very pretty. Here are my picks:
There weren't that many good items...i think that this collection is more geared towards a younger crowd...? Anywho, what i choose were the pink graffiti shirt, which is kinda cute, the headband which is okay, and the gloves, 'cause those are cool. Now here are my least favorites:
The tunic in black is awkward, the stripy shirt is a good idea but just ends up hurting my eyes, the pink striped shirt is awkward, and the leggings are lumpy and weird...just try them on the see. What do you think? Going to buy any? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3

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