Let me start off by saying i think i will continue ChocoChocoYum's tradition of tumblr posts.
Okay, so, anywho, WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?
So, apparenty this is some sort of MISSION system. They tell you what to do, and you have to do it.
Woow, stardoll. Why do you keep changing the system?? The site was perfectly fine before! Sigh. Well, this is just ANOTHER stupid unnecessary game added onto stardoll. What do you think? Pretty dumb, right? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
OH. EM. GEE. I haven't posted in WAY too long! Sorry! But to atone for my sins, I will show u the coolest thing ever: (I have decided, since this is so cool, that I am gonna put one in front of every post!!)
Ok so, now that that's done, time for:
So duh, as must stardoll stuff, its pretty much an ad. I'm not gonna do it. Honestly, those cases aren't worth it. Wouldn't it be freaky to have a phone with a mannequin on the back of the case? Anyway, I like the cupcakes though! What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
So, the way to search in the Starplaza has changed once again. But this time they're making a big deal about it.
It looks pretty cool! An improvement, definitely, which is amazing for stardoll to achieve. The search feature annoys me, though, because if there's like this one purple shirt that i wanted and couldn't remember where it came from, i would search with the tags "purple" and "shirt". Makes sense, right? Can't find it. Two weeks later, i find out that the shirt, which is CLEARLY a deep purple, has been tagged as "pink". Good job stardoll, you are now colorblind. So, what do you think? Do you like the new catalog? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Look at this:
So I have NO idea why they did this. They say that its because its easier to multi task, but in my oipnion it just makes things more confusing. Like in the picture below, its REALLY hard to even see it, and if your chatting with someone, then it makes sense to have it at the bottom but they should have made it a different color so that it would stand out more.
See? Super hard to see. Plus now the broadcasting is at the bottom too, and so nobody is really going to bother reading them anymore. So, that doesn't really help with that.
What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
So... WAUEH! Stardoll added a new tab to the shopping page:
Ok so, I was like  FOUR STORES?! But then I looked at them and I figured out that they only had one floor each....FAIL. So for the stores:
[side note: That dude's shirt is....GIRLY MUCH?! I have never EVER seen a guy where something like that. Fail Stardoll!] So...sorry. No likes here. But you can't blame me: There are hardly any CLOTHES here. Next store:
Still one floor, but hey! More clothes! Lets look at my likes:
The dress is sheek, and the two denim leggings are simple and versatile. Ok, next store:
Here are my favroites:
The two blazers are cute, fitted, and could be worked into virtually any outfit. The sweater just had a cute pattern, though I'm not crazy about the shape. Finally, the last store:
And my likes:
Everything here is cute! I love the sweaters SO much. Definitely gonna get one of them :)
[The reason I didn't do dislikes was because everything I didn't like I disliked, so you get the idea.]
What do you think about Harrods?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
And probably only 1,000,000 of that is creepy forty year old men!
Okay, two things first: one, they weren't lying! Most of the stuff in the starplaza is 50% off! Time to buy!! Two, DUDE! look how frickin happy that brunette in the blue dress is!! She's like, "Omigod, i'm so happy, omigod!!" [read that in a funny voice.] Anyways, the free clothes seem thoroughly crummy and the sale should last a while, since we still need A MILLION more people to join. Legit not exaggerating, lol. That's also enough time for anyone who just joined that really likes the site to try to get up to level six so they can get the free stuff (i think that the level limit is a good idea.) So, what do you think? Do you want free stuff? Do you want 50% off things? Do you want an overly excited little girl? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Check this out:
I'm not entirely sure what this is, but I think it some kind of stardoll sponsoring thing where we have to do this scavenger hunt to win clothes, same old, same old. What do you think? You gonna try this out?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
Ok so I recieved this a while ago, but didn't bother to open it until now:
So...ok. This is where we dress up for a good cause... plus we get clothes? Sounds good to me. (Although honestly the free clothes stardoll has to offer are pretty pathetic...) Are you going to participate in this? I think I will.
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
1) They spelled October wrong....
2)Why did they spell October wrong?
3) The misspelled October must drive OCD people CRAZY.
So here is what it actually is:
Ok so if you click the second gondola, then they ask you a trivia question: The correct answer is 208 meters, just for you cheaters out there. You win 10 starcoins! YAYYY! Anyway, they say you have to go an a treasure hunt to get more prizes. I'm lazy stardoll. I'm not gonna do that!
There is also this special offer, as usual:
Cool! And then there is also the super LAME clothes for the treasure hunt:
Wow. That is SOOO ugly. Don't even get me started.
Anyway, what do you think?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum




It's that time of the year again...
Apparently this year MSW is blue. All the freebies are the same as last year, but instead of a magenta-pink, they're blue.
So i guess stardoll is going to come out with stores themed MSW just like last year, mutatis mutandis, for this year. Anyways, what do you think? I never participate in this, it would be a waste of money. I will, however, buy the MSW pass.
$5.95 for 1 month ss membership, 200 sd, 500 sc, and 10 gifts? Sounds good! Here are the gifts:
So, it seems like you get a lot of glitzy stuff. Tell you what, imma change things up right now and list all of the items and on a scale from 1 to 10 say how much i like it. The crown - 7.5. The earrings - 5. The necklace - 3. The car - 6. The pony - 5. The gold dress - 3. The gold heels - 6.5. The blue dress - 4. The black shawl - 6. The flower bouquet - 2.5. Yeah. Not great. Anywho, last note, check out this week's random poll on the side bar----> and i may be working on a project that'll be up soon. Idk, we'll see. Are you gonna try to be MSW? Are you gonna buy the MSW pass? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3

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