Wow..I've been gone so long, I'm not even sure if anybody reads this site anymore. Anyway, if you do, you're in luck! I'm back and ready to post again. Tingeling has gone all Halloween on us:
Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween. But the red mannequins are a little much....they're freaking me out. Its like wherever you look its just BLOOD. Although, I do like the rest of the store. Very eerie. Here are my favorites:
Let's start with the boots. Honestly, in my world, you can't go wrong with boots. Unless of course you decide to make them out of real animals. That is disgusting. Shame on people who wear those. That's the equivalent of wearing a dead guy's nose on a necklace. NOT COOL. Ok. End of rant.
The orange skirt is cute and wearable. The crop top is just so cute and awesome and HALLOWEEN. I love it. And same with the skirt; just something that you see and want to steal. 
Ok now for everybody's favorite part: the dislikes.
Ok, starting with the clearish head dress. about no? No sir, I would not like saran wrap on my face. Thanks for the offer though! The red plume just so awkward looking. If you want to be a unicorn, do it right. The purple feather dress...needs less feathers and more dress. The black dress well...hey! Is that the russian circus under that skirt? Its so poofy, how would you every get anywhere? (Yes I do realize its virtual clothing, but I speak from a practical point of view)
Guess that's all!
Gimme a candy bar! ChocoChocoYum
HEY! So there is new stuff in Apres Ski!
And now for the new floors:
I really commend Apres Ski for their original clothing, and how they keep their style and don't keep changing it or worse: making it totally generic. Overall, I really liked these floors. Good job, stardoll! Here are my likes:
The sweater is the cutest thing ever, and the skirt looks nice and sophisticated. The tank is just so silvery and cool! The pants could look good with lots of stuff, and the warmers are super cute. And actually, I don't ave any major dislikes except for the headwear. So there you go!
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HI! Sorry for the....6 month delay. I really hate school.
Ok so... there is this new store called Nelly Perfumes..
Um..stupidest idea ever. Do they think we can magically smell these through our computer?? And look at these prices!
Do they seriously think anybody is gonna by these?? So stupid. I am not even gonna give my likes and dislikes. This store is just... no. Just no.
What do you think?
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First of all, what overly cheerful stardoll admin groundlessly added a smiley face to the end of this message? Disgraceful.
So let me start by saying i LOVE Fallen Angel - the clothing store - because it's so goth in a cute way, plus it's a rack store from old stardoll, so that gives it bonus points for being a veteran. So when i saw the message in my inbox, i immediately though, OH! This is going to be SO cute and innocently dark!! I go to the store..... big disappointment. Really. There are only a couple things that are cute like the birds and the black pillow, and there's WAY too much pink for Fallen Angel!!!  So, i don't like it. I might get a couple things, but... i mean, it's like..... whatever. Anywho, what do you think? Will you buy anything? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
There is new stuff in Basics! YAY!
OMGOMGOMG! Cool stuff!
Ok so, the thing I like about basics is that when you are trying to find something simple to go with something complicated (like a pantyhose for example, or a tank to go under a shirt) BASICS has it all. Plus in a variety of colors. So my favorites were:
I like these in all the colors but white. They are all simple, easy to work with, and nicely made. Now for my dislikes:
Ok so, the only thing I didn't like were the skirts because I just don't like long skirts like that, and long PENCIL skirts? Definitely NO.
What do you think?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
Okay, first of all, i am REALLY hating that the notifications bar is now on the bottom. GAH! I remember on old stardoll, there was a button that would move the bar to the bottom, but i didn't know that, so i clicked it, and then i was like, NO NO NO! GET IT BACK!! AHH! So yeah. Major ugliness. Anywho, there's a new Pet-a-Porter.
This is pretty cute! Except, one thing: Why is Pet-a-Porter spelled Pêt-à-Porter? Just 'cause it can be? And also, in order to make this work, stardoll's gonna hafta make some sort of stable and riding area suite add ons, which will of course cost like 150 stardollars each, but otherwise you just have a random horse sitting in the middle of your house. Anyways, i like this store, but i never buy from it. It's so expensive!! Even though this one is less, it's still a lot! Some of the bigger ones are still 100! Btw, I like the midget horses and the ones with extra fluff right above their ankles. So, what do you think? Are you gonna buy a horse? Comment.

Mimosmeep :3
I get it, I get it. This post is way old. And just for the record, you may be wondering why me and mimosmeep (excuse my TERRIBLE grammar) are alternating posts. It's cuz neither of us want to do Lord of the Flies homework, yes I think she mentioned that.. and we both have a LOT to catch up on the blog. So we decided to take turns doing our homework and posting. Ingenious idea from yours truly. And now for Glam R Us:
So.. why did stardoll um.. DELETE ALL THE FLOORS BUT THESE?! So it's ok for Voile to have a million floors but not Glam R Us? Weird. Secondly: Have I really been gone that long? This store looks WAY different. It's totally cool, don't get me wrong, but for some reason I feel like all the stores are getting more intense. Stardoll really needs to lighten things up a bit. That used to be Fudge's job.. BTW. Anyway, here are my likes:
So most of this is self explanatory. The earrings I love because I love earrings. The necklace could look good if you wear it right.
The only things that I disliked are those big goth-like necklaces and earrings that were that shade of red that makes your ear look like its bleeding.
What do you think about this store? Don't you wish that stardoll would make the stores less intense?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChooYum
K so here is the FAIL new store with ONE FLOOR:
What is the point of this? Clearly they are not trying to make there mark in fashion. I don't know why I am even bothering with this post.
The dress is simple and cute, the skirt pretty much goes with anything, and I can see the top looking good. Now for my dislikes:
Ok so: the yellow shirt makes me think "Owl...bumblebee....owl....bumblebee ....owl.....bumblebee". Plus it HURTS TO LOOK AT THE STRIPES. The leggings are too pink, and don't really match ANYTHING. The jacket is too stiff and simple, and the top makes medolls look fat...
What do you think about this store?
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Kay, so here is the mail you should have gotten from stardoll:
Here are the new floors:
OH. EM. GEE. Voile is like the size of Australia! WHY?! Plus these clothes are really bad. Like, not just really bad. FREAKING TERRIBLE. The only things I like are some of the shoes, just because you can't really go wrong with shoes. THAT'S IT. Everything else pretty much sucks.
What do you think?
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SLOW DOWN STARDOLL. School has started in case you didn't notice. I can't spend all my time posting on stuff that just had to come NOW.
Cool idea.. but the store itself? Not so great. The clothes are boring, the look is boring, blah blah. If your going to make me post on all this stuff stardoll, you should at least make it interesting. Anywho, here are my likes:
The shoes are cute in a little-kid way, the belt can go with a LOT of stuff, the skirt is simple and subtle, and the pink shoulder thingy... well I am sure there is some way to make it look good. Now for my dislikes:
Everything here is ugly, too glitzy, WAY to hard to wear (hat ahem) and just plain weird. I am not going to go into much detail because I have other homework to do. Kay, see you soon!
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum

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