Wow, I can't believe its been 2 WHOLE YEARS since I last much has changed since then. Unfortunately, I can't really promise to any of you that I will be posting anytime soon. I was just feeling a bit nostalgic, so I decided to post something again. In case anyone is interested in what the beloved authors of this blog are up to, you can follow us on tumblr.
I'm (humour blog)
Mimosmeep is (she posts about bands and stuff)
ChocoTrufflez is (more band stuff, 1D, etc.)
We'd love to hear from you guys if you have tumblr! It would be so cool to hear from someone who literally followed us from the very first blog we ever made. Anyways, love you all, and sorry again for being so distant. Please comment on this post if you have tumblr or follow us :) 
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
So the daily gift looks different...
So Stardoll keeps making unnecessary changes....whatever. But I like how its like PICK ONE. You must.
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
When i logged on to stardoll today, this was NOT what i wanted to see on the homepage waiting for me.
Seriously?!?! That's flippin' scary!! Geez!!! What do you think? Is this scary?? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Hello World!
Im the new author!!! So... i ramble a lot (that's just a warning)Im a girl. I REALLY want a ferret (they ARE SO CUTE)
ummm... i really like my princess gown, hence my banner that says Princess Websitegamer!!! Feel free to call me your highness :P. Ok well, i told you i ramble, so i guess i should stop... oh yeah! i like blue, and purple, and green, and orange, and blue!... ok, BYE!!!! look out for my posts, they will be AWESOME. ;) just sayin.
My prince and carriage awaits, farewell!
And probably only 1,000,000 of that is creepy forty year old men!
Okay, two things first: one, they weren't lying! Most of the stuff in the starplaza is 50% off! Time to buy!! Two, DUDE! look how frickin happy that brunette in the blue dress is!! She's like, "Omigod, i'm so happy, omigod!!" [read that in a funny voice.] Anyways, the free clothes seem thoroughly crummy and the sale should last a while, since we still need A MILLION more people to join. Legit not exaggerating, lol. That's also enough time for anyone who just joined that really likes the site to try to get up to level six so they can get the free stuff (i think that the level limit is a good idea.) So, what do you think? Do you want free stuff? Do you want 50% off things? Do you want an overly excited little girl? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Whilest opening my daily prize today...
YES! Success! That's the most i've ever gotten! (Because i only earned like 4 sc before this.) I didn't even realize this was possible! Cool cool cool! Okay, so remember to always open the present FIRST, to make sure you have room for all the sc you'll [probably not] get! What do you think? Is this cool beans? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
But i just wanted to point how how very, very, very, very, very, painfully, horrifyingly awkward these medolls are in this letter.
Okay, so the first person doesn't look THAT bad, but the other two................ EECHH!! What the HECK, stardoll?!?! That girl in the middle is just the most awkward thing i've seen in ages. And school's started already. (That was supposed to be a burn on school.) Speaking of school, i already have a bazillion pieces of homework and we've only had 3 days! I have a PowerPoint, Essay, AND a book report due monday! And then there's all of my homework that's NOT a project....just, ugh! Oh, and you might be wondering, how can you get a book report done in three days? Well, not that she told us before summer, but you had to use a book that you read over the summer that didn't have a movie based off of it. So, if you didn't have a book that fit, you had to use the weekend to find a book, read it, AND do the report. Anywho, i'm ranting. Stardoll, either get a better artist or choose a less awkward pose. Really. What do you think? This pic is REALLY awk, right? The amount of homework we were assigned is ridiculous, right? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
No, this post is not going to be entirely about stardoll but: HELLO!!!! Sorry for my lack of posting. I WUZ ON A CRUISE! WOOHOOO!!!!! Now put ur jealousness on the edge of your seat and hold on to your hats... DIS IS GONNA BE MAH EPIC SUMMER FINALE POST.

Ok so heres the dealio: I am gonna show u some of the EPICEST MEMES EVA.
Worked for me....
I already does man.
Maybe..... Ok so enough with the memes. But seriously I could go on ALL DAY. I am a sucker for memes. Next thing: STARDOLL! So much has changed since the start of the season. First of all, the starpoint system:
And also the awards:
And the daily mystery gift:
So I am going to stop rambling now. But needless to say these are only a few things. So next up: If you read my presentation on stardoll, it says that I am trying to increase my cupcake collection:
Thank you to Hottie_Isabella and websitegamer for sending me a cupcake! And for all you peoples out there reading this, please send me one too! Cupcakes appreciated!
This summer I also renovated my suite (as some of you may have noticed):
So... you can see my cupcake collection in the middle. Thanks to mimosmeep for the penguin waiter b-day present! And yes, I know that the piano has no stool... I will be getting that soon. Note: The other rooms in my suite are under construction. And thank you to ChocoTrufflez for the 1000 stardollar b-day present! (It was my b-day on July 15). ArabianCrazy88, I AM STILL WAITING. (haha jk.....bnr.)
ALSO: For those of you who are fans of the blog: Join the club Cute,Stardollish! on stardoll to join in on conversations about the latest posts we have. Oh and don't forget to advertise! We would love to become more famous on stardoll. Blog about it, tweet about it, talk about it. Put a link in your album, presentation, etc. We have also hit a new milestone! WE ARE NOW GOOGLEABLE. Search up a post, or the blog, and BAM! We appear. SO COOL!
If you have managed to read this far, CONGRATULATIONS! You have an incredibly long attention span. And yes, I am finally finished.
Hope you had a great summer, send me a belated birthday present, procrastinate! See you when school starts,
The first one was from today, and the second one was from yesterday, and the third one was from rwo days ago. HOW FRIGGIN AWESOME IS THAT?! AHHH! This is the best I have gotten. EVER. Psyched!
...............Yea so that was all I have to say. Bye!
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum
Hello everyone, it's Mimosmeep here representing everyone at Cute, Stardollish!.
ChocoTrufflez's account has been hacked. And by someone extremely stupid. The hacker has admitted she hacked into ChocoTrufflez, and said that she put stardollars on the account. When asked why she didn't just make her own account and put the stardollars on there, she replied, "she already had some clothes." This girl is obviously a 100% genuine idiot, so stay away from ChocoTrufflez's account, at least for now.
As you can see, the hacker has dressed ChocoTrufflez's medoll in a very...revealing outfit and put an inappropriate paragraph in her presentation. She has invited all her stardoll creeper friends to this account and has made a fool of this account for the wholw wide interwebs to see.
Click on the file below (u might have to download it) to see the conversation i had with the hacker in which she admits to hacking. The question "did you get the tickets?" was me testing to see if it was the hacker or my friend. The results are as shown.
This girl seems pretty harmless, not once did she insult or cuss at me. After chatting with her i changed my password to something ridiculously difficult to guess (and remember.)
Anyways, that is why ChocoTrufflez has not been posting and will not be posting for a while. We apologize, and ask for some time to clear this up. Thank you,
The Cute, Stardollish! Team
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