Hi readers of the awesomest blog on Earth! Ok so no pic to go with this post, (sorry) but i was just shocked by what i saw when i went into a chat room. So i went in just looking to find talented dollies to post about- if u think u are talented let me know- and these two guys start to flirt with me! I mean really. i thought that stardoll is a game for kids. And seriously! flirting with random strangers? And a different time i went into the room dressed differently-in "ugly" clothes- no one even acknowledged me! I just hope that you, our epic readers, aren't like this. Its kind of creepy... but if you ignore that then chat is Fun!!!! Lemme know if you are talented! Comment! 
My prince and carriage awaits, farewell!
Princess Websitegamer
I'm sure you've all noticed the buttons and costumes and oh yeah the STORE all having to do with Miss Stardoll World. Well the votes are in and ashleesoul is the winner of a TON of prizes (i am totally not jealous...)
Obviously I had to go check out her suite and it is SWEET. The first room I saw had this whole under the sea theme, but it was really well put together and impressive. This is what her room looks like, except for on stardoll some of the parts are animated. I think that she she deserved to be crowned, since she definitely is an awesomely talented stardoll member :)
My prince and carraige awaits, farewell!
Princess Websitegamer
But i just wanted to point how how very, very, very, very, very, painfully, horrifyingly awkward these medolls are in this letter.
Okay, so the first person doesn't look THAT bad, but the other two................ EECHH!! What the HECK, stardoll?!?! That girl in the middle is just the most awkward thing i've seen in ages. And school's started already. (That was supposed to be a burn on school.) Speaking of school, i already have a bazillion pieces of homework and we've only had 3 days! I have a PowerPoint, Essay, AND a book report due monday! And then there's all of my homework that's NOT a project....just, ugh! Oh, and you might be wondering, how can you get a book report done in three days? Well, not that she told us before summer, but you had to use a book that you read over the summer that didn't have a movie based off of it. So, if you didn't have a book that fit, you had to use the weekend to find a book, read it, AND do the report. Anywho, i'm ranting. Stardoll, either get a better artist or choose a less awkward pose. Really. What do you think? This pic is REALLY awk, right? The amount of homework we were assigned is ridiculous, right? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3




It's that time of the year again...
Apparently this year MSW is blue. All the freebies are the same as last year, but instead of a magenta-pink, they're blue.
So i guess stardoll is going to come out with stores themed MSW just like last year, mutatis mutandis, for this year. Anyways, what do you think? I never participate in this, it would be a waste of money. I will, however, buy the MSW pass.
$5.95 for 1 month ss membership, 200 sd, 500 sc, and 10 gifts? Sounds good! Here are the gifts:
So, it seems like you get a lot of glitzy stuff. Tell you what, imma change things up right now and list all of the items and on a scale from 1 to 10 say how much i like it. The crown - 7.5. The earrings - 5. The necklace - 3. The car - 6. The pony - 5. The gold dress - 3. The gold heels - 6.5. The blue dress - 4. The black shawl - 6. The flower bouquet - 2.5. Yeah. Not great. Anywho, last note, check out this week's random poll on the side bar----> and i may be working on a project that'll be up soon. Idk, we'll see. Are you gonna try to be MSW? Are you gonna buy the MSW pass? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Hello everyone, it's Mimosmeep here representing everyone at Cute, Stardollish!.
ChocoTrufflez's account has been hacked. And by someone extremely stupid. The hacker has admitted she hacked into ChocoTrufflez, and said that she put stardollars on the account. When asked why she didn't just make her own account and put the stardollars on there, she replied, "she already had some clothes." This girl is obviously a 100% genuine idiot, so stay away from ChocoTrufflez's account, at least for now.
As you can see, the hacker has dressed ChocoTrufflez's medoll in a very...revealing outfit and put an inappropriate paragraph in her presentation. She has invited all her stardoll creeper friends to this account and has made a fool of this account for the wholw wide interwebs to see.
Click on the file below (u might have to download it) to see the conversation i had with the hacker in which she admits to hacking. The question "did you get the tickets?" was me testing to see if it was the hacker or my friend. The results are as shown.
This girl seems pretty harmless, not once did she insult or cuss at me. After chatting with her i changed my password to something ridiculously difficult to guess (and remember.)
Anyways, that is why ChocoTrufflez has not been posting and will not be posting for a while. We apologize, and ask for some time to clear this up. Thank you,
The Cute, Stardollish! Team
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Wow! Time does fly, eh? Just like that! And school's almost over! Of course, i've been saying that since the start of third quarter. But, anyways, royalty, woo! So...now what? Being royalty is THAT amazing, right..? Well, what's your opinion? Are you royalty? If so, what are the perks? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
What do you think of these nails by JadaJane? would you really get this manicure for Valentine's Day? Since to me, it looks too gothy to be a Valentine manicure...but it's still talented!
So, The Ugly Side of Stardoll is a great blog, and i love the latest post, read it here, you might not like the blog, it's a little bit angry, and mean and dirty, but that's not talking about the writers. ('Cept maybe the angry part.) Anyways, read that post, i love it. Did you like the post? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Hello, and welcome to the first edition of Hot or Not! Exciting! Today we are reviewing two outfits.
Now, in my opinion, i think that taymyangel.'s is hot and goldieloxx11's is not. No offense, goldieloxx! Here's my reasoning: Goldieloxx11's outfit is cute, i guess, but here's the thing; she paid over 126 stardollars for such a simple outfit! Taymyangel.'s outfit is simple and perfect for winter. Her fluffy boots, cropped sweater and black jeans look so cute together. But my openion desn't matter. It's yours that matters! So take my poll and answer whose outfit you think is hot, and whose you think is not. Did you like hot or not? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Hey y'all! I've decided to post my StarBazaar wishlist here. This is a list of items that i really would like to purchase from peeps. But i don't want to pay like 50 stardollars for a pair of boots. So if you have one of the items on the list, please comment on this post or write in spazzyninja's questbook or mine (but it won't be open until mid-January.) I'm looking to buy these items at their original price or maybe a little higher. And definitely lower!! Okay, here's the list;
Hot Buys minnie bodysuit
Hot Buys tiger bodysuit
Hot Buys fallen angel tights
Hot Buys tank fudge
Hot Buys peace sign leggings
Hot Buys pleather skirt
Hot Buys fallen angel boots
Hot Buys owl pendant
Idoru sneakers
Eat Cake Tee
All other old Hot Buys!!
Cheap (I mean CHEAP) LE, Antidote, or DKNY (if such a thing exists.)
Anything super cute that you think i'd like!
So contact me or comment! Thanks.
Mimosmeep :3

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