Hello! So today i'm here to tell you about a StarBazaar bargain deal that i've encountered. So i was searching for 2 stardollar items when i saw this shirt:
I normally don't buy designs even only for just 2 stardollars. But when i saw this i saw how cute and well done it was. After a few seconds hesitation, i bought it. When i got to my suite, i loved the decision i had made. The shirt was even more adorable than i had thought! I wore it several days in a row with different outfits. So i decided to check out the designer, EnchantedDoll's suite. I saw that she had soo many Spongebob designs, all super amazing. I looked at the prices, thinking i might buy one more, but the shirts were 17 or 18 stardollars each! That's reasonable for such a great design on an expensive shirt, but i was amazed that i got one of those for only 2 stardollars! I don't know if she accidently set it to 2 stardollars and i bought it in those few moments of mistake, or if she had some sort of 2 minute sale. Here's proof:
I LOVE this shirt so much. You should check out her suite & bazaar. She doesn't just do spongebob, but it seems like that's her specialty. SHE'S SO TALENTED!! I'll put some more pics:
Note: I added the ":D i feel so special!!" and the box and line. That's my opinion.
Note: I added the "My 2 fav designs" part-that's my opinion.
She made this coolio scenery too!
What so you think? She's got serious talent, right?? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Have you seen this dress on stardoll before?
If you said "yes," than you are most likely a liar or your name is tinkheart07.
Why, you ask? WEELL, that would be because this dress is completely unique.
YUP, only one exists in the whole entire interwebs.
And it belongs to one tinkheart07.
INCREDIBLE, RIGHT??? She won it in a contest that involved creating a dress-up doll. Only one dress was made and given away to the grand prize winner. Ehh, if it were me, i would much rather take, say, a thousand bucks than a one-of-a-kind virtual dress. I mean, it's not that nice...Anywho, so...
And of course she has explained thoroughly that she will never sell or trade this dress. Good idea!!! What do you think? Did i just BLOW YOUR PUNY LITTLE MIND?? Comment.
Mimosmeep. :3
Credits to Underneath Stardoll, an awesome blog!
Have you heard of this story? It's very sad. So a girl talks to another girl...wants to buy a DKNY scuba dress for 500 stardollars, right? Makes the transaction, and then-wait, what? That's not a scuba dress....it's...it's...A SCUBA DRESS POSTER???
:O Now you're probably wondering...WHAT SICK PERSON DID THIS?? Well, actually, no, it wasn't the designer. The designer is an honest, talented person who used their skills to create a cute poster. Y'know, for a fashion fan that wants a poster of a rare dress. She sold her cool designs for about 8 or 9 stardollars each. That's where it went sinister. Someone bought it, and sold it for 500 stardollars. The chain continued...When stardoll found out about this, they told the girl to stop making her designs and delete the ones that she already had. She did so immediately. This is very unfortunate, so if you see a DKNY scuba dress being sold, make sure that it's being sold in the "fashion" section of the starbazaar, and make sure you know the person who's selling it. What do you think? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Credits to The Ugly Side of Stardoll, an awesome blog!

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