Hey, y'alls. Luckily this thing is available even through the glitchy site. Unfortunately, you can't see your prize, cus you can't go to your suite...
Just go here.
Day one and two are available now. The answers are pretty obvious, but if you wanna be uber-double-sure...The answer to no. 1 is the third choice. No. 2's answer is the second choice. Day one gets you a weird blue chair, and day two gets you 50 free starcoins! :D! Oh, and if you get all seven right, you get 24 hrs of free SS membership! :D Not really a big deal for me, but if you're non-ss, that's really cool! So, what do you think? Did you answer the questions? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Hooray Christmas! I'm so cheery right now that i'm going to give y'all a wonderful X-mas gift! Get ready.........a make-over tutorial!! This is a personal favorite of mine. I call it "Don't Break My Heart."
Let's start!
1. Start with your face. Go to your beauty parlor. Use whatever face shape and eyes that you want. I used the very last face shape on the second page and for the eyes i used my normal eyes, which are in the second row, the second column on page seven.
2. Make your face look a bit...sadder. For eyebrows i used the pair on the third page, in the third column in the first row. Then i moved them a bit closer to my eyes.
3. For a sad mouth, you don't want a downright frown. Choose an uneasy one-i used the one in the superstar category on page five, column three, row three. For non-superstars, try the one on page four, column three, row two.
4. You can also use whatever nose you want-i used my normal one-which is on page one, column three, row  three. And for hair, you should use a messy but cute style, like the one in the superstar category, page one, column four, row two. For non-superstars, try the style on page five, column one, row two. Use the fifth hair color-the dark brown one.
5. Now for makeup! Start by applying Dot Black Liquid Liner around both eyes. Get a nice, short, spike on the edge of the eye and a line as thick as possible all around.
6. Next use Dot Volumizing Mascara and Dot Lengthening Mascara.
7. Use as much Dot Black Kohl as possible around both eyes.
8. Use one layer of Dot Flame Red Blush right underneath each eye so it looks puffy (like you've been crying.) Apply a light layer to each cheek, too.
8. Use Dot White Collection Eyeshadow starting in the middle of the top eyelash. Drag the brush up to a little below each eyebrow. Continue to sweep over to the edge of your face and down slightly below the bottom lash. Fill in the gap with two layers.
9. Use Dot Shadow Eyeshadow starting from the beginning of the top lash over to where it slowly overlaps with the white section. Fill the gap with about three layers. Brush across the top lash line with the black several times.
10. Use as many layers of Dot Golden Fleece Lipstick as you can.
11. Use a set of Sunny Bunny Lovely Lashes (top and bottom, left and right.)
12. Use a set of Sunny Bunny Dark Dotty Eyes (left and right.)
13. Use another set of Sunny Bunny Lovely Lashes, but only the top two. Place them so the lashes sit in between the previous ones.
14. Now put on Splendid Eyelashes (the first kind) and Splendid Eyelashes (the second kind.)
15. Nest, use a pair of Splendid fake eyelashes.
16. As an option, if you have enough money, you can use a set of Sunny Bunny Midnight lashes. (I like to just use the bottom set.)
17. Place a Sunny Bunny Inky Heart underneath your right eye.
18. For the finishing touch, put a Splendid Black Hairbow on the right side of your head.
Done! Here's my final look:
I don't know why, but i just love this look! And it's so fun to do, too. The total cost is, unfortunately, around 300 starcoins and 30 stardollars. (The total can't be exact because some steps are optional.) What do you think? Do you like? Will you buy? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Have you seen this dress on stardoll before?
If you said "yes," than you are most likely a liar or your name is tinkheart07.
Why, you ask? WEELL, that would be because this dress is completely unique.
YUP, only one exists in the whole entire interwebs.
And it belongs to one tinkheart07.
INCREDIBLE, RIGHT??? She won it in a contest that involved creating a dress-up doll. Only one dress was made and given away to the grand prize winner. Ehh, if it were me, i would much rather take, say, a thousand bucks than a one-of-a-kind virtual dress. I mean, it's not that nice...Anywho, so...
And of course she has explained thoroughly that she will never sell or trade this dress. Good idea!!! What do you think? Did i just BLOW YOUR PUNY LITTLE MIND?? Comment.
Mimosmeep. :3
Credits to Underneath Stardoll, an awesome blog!

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