Well, it was only a matter of time before stardoll caught this.
The fail Fallen Angel jacket has just gone on sale for 990 stardollars off! Anywho, what do you think? This problem should've never happened, right? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
FALLEN ANGEL FAILS. Look at these two items.
In what world is that a skirt? But even worse than that, look at this glitch.
HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?? I HOPE this is a glitch!! Part of me wants to test this out, but the other part is WAY to scared. Besides, i don't even like the jacket. Man, that was SUCH a fail on stardoll's behalf. Anywho,what do you think? Does stardoll need an editor? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Hey! We got a commercial! I would give you the link to it, but the starmovie thing is STUPID and there is no way to find it there, so instead you have to go to my page, then click on the starmovie tab and check it out. PLEASE :). I don't understand how people will be able to see the commercial if you have to go to my suite first!! Also, you may have noticed that the site looks a little different. Cool, right?! What do you think? Stardoll needs to redesign the starmovie page, right? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Okay, what's with this?
I CAN'T READ THIS. I SPEAK ENGLISH. What is this, like, Spanish??? IDK!! What the heck, stardoll?!? Shouldn't this have only been sent to the people that live in wherever they speak whatever language this is!!! What do you think? Y'know what this says? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Hey everyone! And btw, did you notice? It's c,s's 6-month  bday!!! That's why Chocochocoyum has a new banner. Soon you will see some more renovations. Anywho, stardoll sent me this:
Also, on a side note, why do i always see a girl with that ribbon dress on these stardoll adverts? So, anyways, i took the survey. Why, you ask me? Cus i LOVE wasting time! I mean, i go to school, don't i? [BURN on you, school!] Anyways, stardoll should really goof-proof their work...
Okay, reading a book is somewhat understandable. But, yes, i hang out with friends, have a sleepover, chat with friends, and play with brothers and sisters on my own. Because i have no friends nor family.
Yeah, every time i go to the carnival i just pull up my priZe comparison app to find the best priZe. Dude, stardoll. Z does not equal C. They are not interchangeable.
This is like:
4. Chocochocoyum is crazy and random.
a. True
b. False
c. None of the above
Yes, maybe i will be more or less likely to do that. what's the other option?? "Maybe" should've been replaced with "Doesn't affect my decision." Anywho, stardoll is an idiot, right? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
So the sunny bunny store is gone (;( ) but now look at Evil Panda:
All of the Sunny Bunny Kloz clothes have been moved, still on sale, into Evil Panda. BIZARRE. What do you think? I always thought Evil Panda and Fudge were a little similar, and i guess Sunny Bunny and Evil Panda are somewhat the same...What do you think? Comment.
Wow. This is SO annoying. Oh, and BTDubs, OMG SPRING BREEEAAAKK! Anywho,
Okay, this sounds like a good idea, but the execution was so POOR. I can't look at ANYTHING without a stupid price tag getting in the way. MOST ANNOYINGEST EVUAR. So what do you think? Totally sucks, right? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Hello! Sorry for the long time, no post. Have you heard the song We Are Young by fun.? I FRICKIN LOVE NATE RUESS. But, trying to stay on topic here. Anywho, so, i discovered the weirdest glitch in the new America section of Windows on the World. If you click in these spots...
Then, you will find these items.
WEIRD, RIGHT?!? Sorry, i sound hyper like ChocoChocoYum, don't i? CUS IM LISTENING TO FUN. SO LOUD! Hahah i apologize. I'm gonna read this post in the morning and be like, what? What hyper person wrote this ridiculous post? Anywho, Wild Candy items can be found in Windows on the World. Yes, that makes sense stardoll. You guys really need better programmers. I'm pretty sure i could do this. Anywho, what do you think? Go try it out. Cool, right? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
P.S. sorry for ChocoChocoYum's posts recently. I've been asking her to so these, and you know her job is actually hot buys so she really doesn't know much about what she's writing about. She's still doing a pretty bang-up job, though!
UGH, WHY THANK YOU STARDOLL FOR GLITCHIN UP MY WHOLE (SD) WORLD. Anywho, apparently stardoll decided to fail, cus everything that runs on flash, (suites, scenery, starbazaar, starplaza, etc.) are not working.
So...what is this? Is it only in America? Omg, is it WORLDWIDE?!?! That would be a huge screw-up on your hand, stardoll. OMG I JUST REALIZED SUMTHIN. This REALLY sucks for people who payed good stardollars to broadcast to get people to visit thier suites and starbazaars! But no one can! Anyways, what do you think? Does this TOTALLY SUCK? Do you have stardoll "power" (like electricity for medolls) where you are? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Wow, stardoll failed so much here. Remember that free hot buys mirror that we got late last month? (That was so ugly, btw.)
Yuuup, somehow, stardoll screwed up big time. That free (and ugly) hot buys mirror is now selling for 15 stardollars (waaay too pricey for such an ugly thing.) How did this even happen? How do you look at the number fifteen and go, oh, look! This mirror is selling for zero! Or maybe the person was going to type 15 and then, oh nos! My hand slipped all the way to the other side of the keyboard and then back to the right and then-oops i hit enter. Oh, well, i'll just fix it in twelve days. What do you think? Unfair? Still ugly no matter how expensive it is? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3

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