Hello everyone, it's Mimosmeep here representing everyone at Cute, Stardollish!.
ChocoTrufflez's account has been hacked. And by someone extremely stupid. The hacker has admitted she hacked into ChocoTrufflez, and said that she put stardollars on the account. When asked why she didn't just make her own account and put the stardollars on there, she replied, "she already had some clothes." This girl is obviously a 100% genuine idiot, so stay away from ChocoTrufflez's account, at least for now.
As you can see, the hacker has dressed ChocoTrufflez's medoll in a very...revealing outfit and put an inappropriate paragraph in her presentation. She has invited all her stardoll creeper friends to this account and has made a fool of this account for the wholw wide interwebs to see.
Click on the file below (u might have to download it) to see the conversation i had with the hacker in which she admits to hacking. The question "did you get the tickets?" was me testing to see if it was the hacker or my friend. The results are as shown.
This girl seems pretty harmless, not once did she insult or cuss at me. After chatting with her i changed my password to something ridiculously difficult to guess (and remember.)
Anyways, that is why ChocoTrufflez has not been posting and will not be posting for a while. We apologize, and ask for some time to clear this up. Thank you,
The Cute, Stardollish! Team
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Wow, stardoll failed so much here. Remember that free hot buys mirror that we got late last month? (That was so ugly, btw.)
Yuuup, somehow, stardoll screwed up big time. That free (and ugly) hot buys mirror is now selling for 15 stardollars (waaay too pricey for such an ugly thing.) How did this even happen? How do you look at the number fifteen and go, oh, look! This mirror is selling for zero! Or maybe the person was going to type 15 and then, oh nos! My hand slipped all the way to the other side of the keyboard and then back to the right and then-oops i hit enter. Oh, well, i'll just fix it in twelve days. What do you think? Unfair? Still ugly no matter how expensive it is? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Well, tell me this: Hot Buys should be gone now, and everyone that didn't get them should have thier small amount of stardollars and be sitting in thier suite with starcoin items, right? Well, stardoll FAILed again. Big time.
Hot Buys on sale???? Seriously, stardoll???? This should never, EVER happen. Go fix it!! SO unfair for those of us that bought them full price because WE KNEW THAT THERE WASN'T GOING TO BE A SALE BECAUSE THERE NEVER IS ON HOT BUYS. Ugh. What do you think? Totally unfair, right? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Yes, i have spotted yet another set of unfair things. This time shorts. Seen these?:
The one on the left is Bonjour Bizou for 40 starcoins. The one on the right...the latest, LE for superstars for 55 stardollars!! This is a difference of approximately 51 stardollars! I think the Bonjour Bizou one looks better, actually! Try them on, you'll see. Bonjour Bizou is waaay better. And obviously cheaper. What do you think? Unfair? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Yes, it's Mimosmeep, back with ANOTHER case of unfair clothing. But just jackets, not dresses. Anyways, this is a pretty old situation, but i still want to share it with you guys. Yeah, i'm just that generous. So anyways...remember day 17 of the holiday calendar?
A Runaway Yarn Jacket for 64 starcoins. Well, does it look familiar?
Yupp, the very same jacket was given out for freaking FREE if you got the Halloween pass.
Not only is this a stardoll FAIL because they brought back an old item and tried to sell it for 64 starcoins, aka around 6 stardollars, more than before, but also the items have the same name, and look EXACTLY the same! And the final, REALLY fail part of this is that stardoll thought that this jacket was soooo Halloween-y, right? THEN WHY DID THEY PUT IT IN THE HOLIDAY CALENDAR?? Hahah!! I think that this jacket is so NOT holiday-it fits better with the Halloween side of the story. What do you think? Unfair? Comment.
Mimosmeep. :3
Yes, that's right, stardoll FAILed with some more unfair dresses. Not as unfair as last post, though, boy was that one bad. Well, this one's about the Hanna Montana/Miley Tube Dress. A few years back, a dress was given out to promote Hannah Montana the movie. Then stardoll brought the exact same dress back to Pretty 'n' Love with a slightly different name and sold it for 10 stardollars.
Ridiculous! What do you think? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Credits to Underneath Stardoll, an awesome blog!
So in the Rebecca Bon Bon store, there was this black and pink dress. Recognize it?
Yuup...One just like it was in the 5th LE collection. Except, apparently little blue stars are worth 174 stardollars more than pink hearts. Hahah! Yeah, that's right. The Rebecca Bon Bon dress is only 13 starcoins and the LE dress is 175 stardollars. Sorry for the people who got the LE one! Although i think both dresses are preetty ugly... What do you think? Comment.
Mimosmeep :3
Credits to Underneath Stardoll, an awesome blog!

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