Hola peoples! Here is the newest edition of How to Work!! This one includes the Bianca Dress on the 6th floor of Miss Sixty available for 11 stardollars:
So here is the first outfit:
CASUAL: For this outfit, I covered the top with a cute sweater, added simple jeans, and used a cute necklace and shoes to finish the look. I used the Pearl White Jacket from IT Girls for 98 starcoins, the Five Pocket Star Jeans for 8 stardollars, and the LE Silver Moon Heels for 40 stardollars. For fun, I added the Pink Lipstick Necklace from Sunny Bunny for 8 stardollars, and the Flower from Splendid for 40 starcoins.
PARTY: So for this outfit, I went SUPER colorful. The top doesn't really look like it would go with anything bright, but I got it to work. I used the Pink Knit Crop Top from Tingeling for 6 stardollars, the Birch Sunset Skirt from Antidote for 73 stardollars, and the Hot Buys Stilettos from Rio for 13 stardollars. As for jewelry, I used the Multi Colored Earrings from Glam R Us for 9 stardollars.
NIGHTLIFE: To use the Bianca Dress in a nightlife outfit, I had to tone it down, since it is a really light color. I paired the top with a black jacket that had some sparkle to it so there wasn't too much contrast. I added a skirt and leggings, some gray shoes, and a handbag to finish off the look. I used the Star Sky Jacket from Fallen Angel for 134 starcoins, the Leopard Head Necklace from Glam R Us for 50 starcoins, the Black Tutu Legging Set from Fallen Angel for 8 stardollars, the Divia Bag from Miss Sixty for 12 stardollars, and the Windows on the World Silver Sandals for 4 stardollars (on sale).
What do you think about this edition of How to Work? Got any ideas for my next one?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum

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