Hey! Another How to Work! So this one was weird. First I was gonna do the red WWC socks from Windows on the World, but then THEY DISAPPEARED. I have no idea what happened. So then I had to change the ENTIRE THING to these bright red tights from Killah for 12 stardollars.
Okay! So here is how to work a pair of bright red tights!

CASUAL: For this look, I paired the tights with the Bold Geometry Dress from Original Future for 14 stardollars. I also used the Ivory Faux Fur Shag Boots from Apres Ski for 8 stardollars. I added the Strawberry Earrings from Sunny Bunny Kloz for 40 starcoins for a more playful look.
PARTY: For this look, I went red, white, and blue. And black. I used the Brick Lane Jacket from Killah for 14 stardollars, and the navy blue tanktop from Basics for 35 starcoins. I also used the First Voile Bridal Skirt for 76 starcoins. For shoes, I used the double strap platforms from PPQ for 9 stardollars. As for Jewelry, I used the Pearls and Beads necklace from Epiphany for 9 stardollars, the Moti Earrings from Epiphany for ten stardollars, and the Multi Pearl Bracelet from Epiphany for 150 starcoins.
NIGHTLIFE: For this look, I kinda cheated, cuz I covered up the tights. But seriously, nobody wears red tights for Nightlife, so I had to cover them up. I covered up the tights with the Dot Paillette Sheer Maxi Skirt from Voile for 12 stardollars. I used the Vulcan Shoes for 6 stardollars from Fallen Angel. I layered two tops, the first is the Black Widow Web Top from Velvet Orchid for 14 stardollars. I also added the Off Shoulder Fair Isle Sweater from Apres Ski for 12 stardollars.
So what did you think about this edition of How to Work?
Gimme a candy bar!ChocoChocoYum

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